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PostSubject: Sui   Wed May 06, 2015 10:54 pm

Name: Sui  
Age: 13
Birthdate: November 15th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Er...
Rank: Genin

Village: Fubukigakure no Sato
Element(s): Air
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Rabbit Ears:

Height: 5 Feet, 5 Inches
Weight: 100 Pounds
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Icey Blue
General Description: Sui's most pronounced trait would have to be her rabbit ears which function like her normal ears would. She is a pale girl with ice blue colored eyes and white hair cut short at her chin. Her outfit's are often plain; choosing to keep as much of her body covered as possible. Most of her clothing is white; a dress of some sort, stockings, boots, and an over coat or traveling cloak.

About You!
Personality: Quiet. That has to be the most noticeable trait for the child. Even as a baby she hardly made a peep, choosing to try and communicate in other ways then through crying or other vocalized behaviors. This sort of behavior led most to believe the child completely mute for the first few years of her life.

Lovable. Though the majority of the world could see her as sneaky or shy, those who know Chiyo well know her to be as lovable as could be, and a very sweet, sweet girl.

Smart. Chiyo catches on quickly to things, and despite her age she isn't confused by 'adult' conversations; though she plays well like she has no idea what's going on. It's a trait that's proved useful from time to time, when she's happened to over hear the right thing, and been able to tell someone she can trust what's going on, or what is going to happen.

Fluid. Chiyo loves to dance, and it's as much of her personality as anything. Dancing, acrobatics, grace. She's a fluid child who likes to be constantly in motion. Even when she's sitting still it is as if she's continuing to move; a slight sway, a ripple in her clothing, or her hair blowing in the wind. That isn't to say that she cannot be still, as she can quite easily especially when studying or reading, but she prefers movement far more, even if it's only a little bit.

Loyal. Even at her young age Chiyo has already shown she's a loyal individual, capable of keeping secrets for those who entrust them to her. This is also the sort of loyalty that means she stands and will always stand with her family: betrayal is simply not something that she could ever accomplish.

History: Sui was born deep in the forests of the northern Land of Glaciers; a place where snow fell most of the year and few humans dared to live. Only the hearty could survive this place; and her family was just that. Born to parents that had once been ninja, life was rough, but not without it's pleasures. She was born the younger of a set of twins, following her twin brother Gen into the world only minutes after his own birth cry filled the air. From birth the two where inseparable; they never spent more then a few moments apart their entire lives. They where best friends, confidants, enabler and enforcer; all they had was each other. Their mother was killed during a bear attack when they where only a few months old, they never knew her, not really. Only from pictures and stories told by the fire; stories of her warmth and light; never truly experienced but known all the same. Their father was a tough old cuss, as he told hem often; never one to mince words or act different around children. He'd been many things in his life, a ninja, a pirate, a legitimate sailor, hunter, trapper, father... he'd done it all, or so it seemed to his children. They hero worshiped him in a way; he was their protector and they never felt fear with him around. There was no reason to fear; he was the son of a clan of water users: in the snowy landscape they called home he was invincible in many ways; never without the water he needed for his jutsu, and always with a new trick up his sleeve. Their mother had been a ninja as well; that much they knew, but their father had never told them about her clan, nor her skills; merely that she was better suited to the snow than he was, but never more than that.

Life was not easy; but it was simple. They hunted for meat; foraged for wild greens, mushrooms, berries; grew what they could during the short spring and summer months; and twice a year their father would travel to the nearest village, or even as far as the city, to trade for anything they couldn't grow or make themselves. Gen and Sui where never allowed to travel with their father; when they where babes to young to stay alone, they would stay with their only neighbor; a gruff old fur trader that was good friends with their father, and not bad with children for someone that had never married nor (officially) fathered a child of his own.

Childhood in general was good to them. They laughed, they loved, and they lived within the deep forests. They played games with the animals, knew every tree by site and had even named a few of the larger, more interesting specimens. They had plenty of friends, animal wise anyway. The only humans they knew of where their father, their 'uncle', and themselves; they never saw another save for once when they stumbled across a trapper moving through their lands to his hunting grounds far beyond the western edge of their home. They did not greet him, nor did they think anything of the human for a long time afterward. However, the chance encounter spelled the beginning of the end for the children. It was not so long after the time of the trapper's travel that their father was taken from them; lost in an avalanche as he made his way home from a hunting trip. Gen and Sui where only 10 when this happened; and by then they where able to survive on their own. The loss of their father caused great sadness; but to give in to that sadness would spell their own death. They had to move on, grow up as it where; live without him. They had a well built home, plenty of food and access to plenty more; and their 'uncle' was just over the nearby mountain. They would be fine.

Only, their 'uncle' was no longer just over the mountain. He too was killed, this time by a team of trappers after the stacks of furs he kept within his home. A senseless loss, all for a small profit to some greedy men. Gen and Sui didn't discover his death until the next spring; they where taking him a load of berry jam as they always did; finding his cabin ransacked and falling apart, the bones of their last living friend and family scattered across the decaying floorboards. Devastated; they returned home to recover and live on; they had no other choice. The realization of losing everyone they had ever known over the course one one winter would be too much for any child; but years of living in the forest had given them reserves of strength far beyond any normal person. They where able to deal with their loss and move on quickly; not allowing themselves to lose the short growing season to their sadness, and risk starving to death during the coming winter.

The season of darkness and hardship passed uneventfully; it was a relief to just spend their days focused on simple survival. It gave them time to grieve in their own way; and by the time of the first flower blooms and the start of the snow melts; the siblings where ready to face the world once more. They would survive, they would thrive. Or so they told themselves.

Mid spring came and went, the first shoots of the plants they farmed during the short season where rising to the unending sun for more energy; they where busy hunting and storing fresh meat and berries for the next winter. It was during this time that they came across the same trapper as the season before; traveling, as he had been, to a trapping range beyond their lands. At least, until the day that Gen's world finally ended. He and Sui where taking a break in a small sunny meadow, bags of berries and wild greens sitting in the shade of the trees, a deer hide drying in the sun while they napped. By the time they realized they where not alone, it was too late. Gen awoke to Sui screaming in fear, and he was too slow to stop the blow that he thought ended her life; a bolder raised from the earth dropped upon her and crushing her body like it was just another blade of grass underfoot.

The trapper, it seemed; was more than just a simple fur trader. No, he was a human trafficker, and had stumbled across the children the year before. He had returned to kidnap and sell them after killing their family; so that no one would come after them and risk his profits. However, when he finally found them, he realized that they where useless to him. While the siblings had never thought about it before; they where not normal children. Gen and Sui had been born with ears like a rabbit; and the trait they had not once thought about had lead to Sui's death. The trafficker couldn't sell them, but they knew what he looked like. He would kill them and move on.

When Gen thought Sui dead something snapped within him and caused him to kill the trafficker, however, that wasn't to be Sui's fate. The trafficker hadn't been alone, and after he was slain by Gen and Gen moved on, the trafficker's back up arrived to find Sui actually alive. They were surprised that she had survived her injuries at all, but she had. Having lost one of their own they cared little of these rabbit ears the young girl had – figuring they could use something like that to their advantage. And so they kidnapped the young girl, sealing her fate as one far different then her twin's.

Life from that point for Sui was hell. To escape what was being done to her she retreated into her own mind. Daydreams became reality to her, and reality because something less than truth. It was as if she were watching her real life through a television: certainly these things couldn't be happening to the young girl. Moments of lucidity became few and far between during the three years the child suffered.

As the years passed the traffickers who owned her became more lax; she was nearly comatose the majority of the time and this made their behavior more lax. During one of her moments of lucidity Sui used this to her advantage and escaped. She had no idea where she was, and no idea where to go, but she simply assumed that if she kept moving in as straight of a path as she could that she would have to eventually run into something...

RP Sample: As Jayr had waited for her sisters response something tugged on the empathetic portion of their sibling bond: her sister was... sad? It was the best way she could describe it. A frown suddenly crossed Jayr's face and she stood, allowing the coldness to seep out of the fridge and onto her bare legs and feet while she listened to her sisters reply. Jayr was normally a naturally bubbly and happy person so it was nothing at all to 'push' these sorts of emotions towards her sister – of course, the choice was always hers to reject or accept them: they came with the equivalent of a mental hug: she didn't care how old they got or how far up in the rankings they moved, her sister would always be her top priority. So, if she felt her sister needed a hug? She was damn well going to share the love!

Of course, this all took the time the thoughts took, which meant within seconds she was leaning back into the fridge to search for what she wanted to make for breakfast. “Don't use all the hot water. I need a shower like it's no ones business.”, Jayr telepathically sent back to her sister before removing the carton of eggs from the fridge. The eggs were carefully placed on the counter before some bacon and sausage was likewise removed. This was followed by a tube of flaky biscuits.

She turned her attention then to the cabinets where she removed several skillets and a baking sheet before turning the oven on. The eggs were cracked, the bacon and sausage were put in their various pans, and the oven's pre-heating was started.

While she waited for the food to be done enough to flip and the oven to be warm enough to add the biscuits she turned back to the cabinets and removed two glasses – thinking ahead of course that her sister would want something to drink with breakfast. The orange juice was then removed from the fridge and she poured herself a tall glass while ensuring that there was some left over for Kadima. The orange juice was put back so it would stay cold and the glass was picked up before she sipped at it slowly; watching while she did so the numbers on the oven rise as they neared their three hundred and fifty degree mark.

With time to let her mind wander she thought back to the first time she had tried cooking: she was about eight years old and had decided to try and help their mother with breakfast. She had damn near ruined it all that first attempt, but her mother hadn't gotten angry: in fact the whole situation had been rather hilarious. Jayr had sworn off cooking for a while after that, figuring it was something she just didn't have the talent for. That, of course, had changed after their mother was killed – Jayr had instantly stepped up, wanting to help out as much as possible because she knew how busy their father was. It was, essentially, like a coping mechanism that Jayr had used time and again to keep from feeling the sadness that came with the thought of her mother's murder. It was why for the first few months after she had been taken from them that Jayr had spent so much time either helping around the house or trying to keep her father and sister laughing as much as possible or training to the point to where she had to be carried home unconscious most nights from sheer and utter exhaustion.

The dinging of the oven brought her out of her own thoughts and she opened the oven door and slid the biscuits on the baking sheet inside before setting the timer to ten minutes. She then flipped the eggs, the bacon, and the sausage, careful not to over-cook or burn anything.

As everything began to finish up she grabbed down some plates, got some silverware from the drawer, and turned the stove and oven off so things didn't burn. The smell of the delicious food filled her nose and caused her stomach to roar to life...

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Completed. <3
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