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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Gen   Fri Mar 06, 2015 11:03 pm

Name: Gen
Age: 13
Birthdate: 11/15
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown
Rank: Genin (D)

Village: Fubukigakure no Sato
Element(s): Water
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Rabbit Ears:

Sui the Ice Rabbit:

Height: 5'9
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Icy Blue
General Description: Gen is a strange one to look at; always smiling yet constantly carrying a small armory of blades and other weapons on his person. He appears to be a kind enough soul, if slightly... odd; given his habit of constantly talking to the small snow ball rabbit that he always has on his person. Gen stands a respectable enough 5'9, although when his ears are taken into account, his height jumps to nearly 6'4. While thin, he is not without some musculature, however he is far lankier than you would expect for someone that uses swords in battle. He prefers a highly traditional style of dress; with a pale white robe worn over an icy blue yakuta with darker blue trimming and undergarments. His obi is usually snowy white, although on occasion he can be found wearing an extremely dark navy blue sash instead of the normal obi. When on missions he will sometimes dress in standard ninja attire; although this is rare and only for missions where some level of stealth is needed, in which case he supplements the standard ninja garb with a bandanna which is used to hold his ears down so that he doesn't stand out as much.

About You!
Personality: Kind. Gentle. Quiet. Loud. Brutal. Monster. Gen is a man of contradictions brought on by hardship and pain. Once a perfectly kind and gentle soul, always smiling and happy to spend his time wandering the forests and fields with his sister. She was his only companion, and he took her death particularly hard; causing a rift to form in his personality, as well as giving rise to the eccentric quirks he displays to the world. When calm, he is much as he once was; kind enough, and usually smiling in a way that is both genuine and terrifying at the same time. There is a glint of madness brewing in his icy eyes, the kind that could lead to terrible things in the future. When angered, or just having a particularly bad day; he is like a raging blizzard; harsh and cold and a danger to anyone caught in his path. The one constant of this man is that he is always talking to his singular companion, the snow bunny on his shoulder or head; which he seems to believe carried the soul of his departed sister. The fastest way to end up skewered on his blade is to call the snow bunny fake, or tell remind him that his sister was killed long ago. That is the trigger to unleashing his hidden anger; and a fast track to ending the lives of anything within 50 meters or so.

History: "The story of my life begins with the end..."

Gen was born deep in the forests of the northern Land of Glaciers; a place where snow fell most of the year and few humans dared to live. Only the hearty could survive this place; and his family was just that. Born to parents that had once been ninja, life was rough, but not without it's pleasures. He was born the elder of a set of twins, his sister Sui following him into the world only minutes after his own birth cry filled the air. From birth the two where inseparable; they never spent more then a few moments apart their entire lives. They where best friends, confidants, enabler and enforcer; all they had was each other. Their mother was killed during a bear attack when they where only a few months old, they never knew her, not really. Only from pictures and stories told by the fire; stories of her warmth and light; never truly experienced but known all the same. Their father was a tough old cuss, as he told hem often; never one to mince words or act different around children. He'd been many things in his life, a ninja, a pirate, a legitimate sailor, hunter, trapper, father... he'd done it all, or so it seemed to his children. They hero worshiped him in a way; he was their protector and they never felt fear with him around. There was no reason to fear; he was the son of a clan of water users: in the snowy landscape they called home he was invincible in many ways; never without the water he needed for his jutsu, and always with a new trick up his sleeve. Their mother had been a ninja as well; that much they knew, but their father had never told them about her clan, nor her skills; merely that she was better suited to the snow than he was, but never more than that.

Life was not easy; but it was simple. They hunted for meat; foraged for wild greens, mushrooms, berries; grew what they could during the short spring and summer months; and twice a year their father would travel to the nearest village, or even as far as the city, to trade for anything they couldn't grow or make themselves. Gen and Sui where never allowed to travel with their father; when they where babes to young to stay alone, they would stay with their only neighbor; a gruff old fur trader that was good friends with their father, and not bad with children for someone that had never married nor (officially) fathered a child of his own.

Childhood in general was good to them. They laughed, they loved, and they lived within the deep forests. They played games with the animals, knew every tree by site and had even named a few of the larger, more interesting specimens. They had plenty of friends, animal wise anyway. The only humans they knew of where their father, their 'uncle', and themselves; they never saw another save for once when they stumbled across a trapper moving through their lands to his hunting grounds far beyond the western edge of their home. They did not greet him, nor did they think anything of the human for a long time afterward. However, the chance encounter spelled the beginning of the end for the children. It was not so long after the time of the trapper's travel that their father was taken from them; lost in an avalanche as he made his way home from a hunting trip. Gen and Sui where only 10 when this happened; and by then they where able to survive on their own. The loss of their father caused great sadness; but to give in to that sadness would spell their own death. They had to move on, grow up as it where; live without him. They had a well built home, plenty of food and access to plenty more; and their 'uncle' was just over the nearby mountain. They would be fine.

Only, their 'uncle' was no longer just over the mountain. He too was killed, this time by a team of trappers after the stacks of furs he kept within his home. A senseless loss, all for a small profit to some greedy men. Gen and Sui didn't discover his death until the next spring; they where taking him a load of berry jam as they always did; finding his cabin ransacked and falling apart, the bones of their last living friend and family scattered across the decaying floorboards. Devastated; they returned home to recover and live on; they had no other choice. The realization of losing everyone they had ever known over the course one one winter would be too much for any child; but years of living in the forest had given them reserves of strength far beyond any normal person. They where able to deal with their loss and move on quickly; not allowing themselves to lose the short growing season to their sadness, and risk starving to death during the coming winter.

The season of darkness and hardship passed uneventfully; it was a relief to just spend their days focused on simple survival. It gave them time to grieve in their own way; and by the time of the first flower blooms and the start of the snow melts; the siblings where ready to face the world once more. They would survive, they would thrive. Or so they told themselves.

Mid spring came and went, the first shoots of the plants they farmed during the short season where rising to the unending sun for more energy; they where busy hunting and storing fresh meat and berries for the next winter. It was during this time that they came across the same trapper as the season before; traveling, as he had been, to a trapping range beyond their lands. At least, until the day that Gen's world finally ended. He and Sui where taking a break in a small sunny meadow, bags of berries and wild greens sitting in the shade of the trees, a deer hide drying in the sun while they napped. By the time they realized they where not alone, it was too late. Gen awoke to Sui screaming in fear, and he was too slow to stop the blow that ended her life; a bolder raised from the earth dropped upon her and crushing her body like it was just another blade of grass underfoot.

The trapper, it seemed; was more than just a simple fur trader. No, he was a human trafficker, and had stumbled across the children the year before. He had returned to kidnap and sell them after killing their family; so that no one would come after them and risk his profits. However, when he finally found them, he realized that they where useless to him. While the siblings had never thought about it before; they where not normal children. Gen and Sui had been born with ears like a rabbit; and the trait they had not once thought about had lead to Sui's death. The trafficker couldn't sell them, but they knew what he looked like. He would kill them and move on.

Only, that didn't happen. Gen, upon seeing Sui crushed to death; essentially snapped, mentally. His inner power; the power inherited from their mother; manifested in his anger. The sun disappeared behind the clouds, the temperature dropped like a stone. Snowflake filled the air for moments before the wind hit; a brutal gale of freezing air that whipped the falling snow and ground coverage into a raging blizzard. In his hand appeared a shard of ice shaped much like a sword, and Gen charged mindlessly toward the trapper. The pristine snow was stained red that day; and it would be many weeks before Gen's mind would clear, and he would realize what had happened.

There was nothing left for him in the forest. He knew the general direction of the nearest village; and after gathering little more than a warm cloak and a few skins of water; he left his forest home for the realm of the humans that had taken his family from him. He looked not for revenge; the testament to his revenge was the bloody meadow far behind him. No, he looked for... companionship, of a sort. Or rather, something to take his mind off his loss. Upon entering the village; the elders and local law enforcement took him into custody, asking all sorts of questions he couldn't answer. He didn't know his surname, he'd never been told what it was. His father, uncle, mother... his entire family was dead. When asked why he was covered in dried blood, his only answer was:

"Sui and I where always together. We would protect the forest while watching the rain, lightning, moon, and flowers together. We would do everything together...

And it would have stayed that way, but Sui was smashed into pieces. And now I am alone."

The local authorities where baffled by the child; he refused to answer beyond the statement about his sister. No detail of how or why she was crushed, nothing. They sent for help from Fukubigakure no Sato; asking for an intelligence officer to come and attempt to gather information from the child's mind. The epidemic of human trafficking was at it's peak at the time Gen appeared; and they assumed he had escaped from a trafficking camp in the woods. After a 3 day wait, a Jounin of Fukubigakure appeared, and went to work tapping into Gen's mind. From the moment they met, the Jounin sensed the hidden power within the boy; and upon seeing his memories, and the power he'd unlocked over the death of his sister; he took the boy into custody and had him taken back to the city. For all the fuss, Gen offered little to no resistance merely asking for water once a day, and a bit of jerky and some berries when he was hungry. The journey to the city was quick enough; he was given a spot in the caravan of a merchant convoy headed to the village that the Jounin was told to escort during his return. The trip was less than 5 days, including an entire day spent on a ferry between islands.

Once they arrived; Gen was taken to the hospital and put in quarantine until he was cleared as healthy and not a threat to the local populace. From there, he was taken to meet with several members of the local Jounin Council that wished to... test, his skills. While they could sense, and even see, the power Gen had; he refused to even attempt to do what they wished. He didn't want to tap into the power of his rage; and he'd never been taught to use his lesser abilities; beyond some small trick to control and guide water. It wasn't until the reigning Hikage appeared to watch the testing of the boy that anything happened. Seeing that the Jounin's tactics weren't working; the Hikage approached the boy and asked to talk. He asked Gen to share what he was comfortable telling of his past, and the story of his sister. Given what he saw as the first chance to speak of his pain in a way that wasn't a ploy; Gen spoke for long minutes of his life in the forest; telling of the stories his father told of his mother, the power and wildness of his father and uncle, etc, etc.

The Hikage listened quietly; merely nodding and shifting in ways that told Gen that his entire attention was forced on him. When he finished, the Hikage finally spoke; offering Gen the chance to join something larger than himself, a way to lose himself in something that would soothe the wounds of his heart, and calm the rage in his mind.

"I pledged my allegiance there, not knowing what was to become of me."

Gen was enrolled in the local academy that very day. He was given a personal tutor to catch him up to his age mates in the academics; Gen could barely read, and his writing was years behind his peers. Cultural training, history of the village and country; all the things he should have learned in school, but never had the chance. On the side of the Ninja Arts, he flourished; having a natural talent for ninjutsu and weaponry; on top of his innate control of water, wind, and his ability to create and control ice.

He spent 3 years in the academy; graduating only roughly a year later than he normally would have; age 13 and seemingly a completely different person. He was assigned to a squad, and spends his time as any normal Genin would; doing the grunt work missions and such that ever ninja has to deal with.

RP Sample: "Sui...."


Why is the snow red...?


Blood... so much blood... what was that boulder doing there? Who was screaming? Why... why was the world blurry...?


His vision shattered, the world drained of all color as the wind and snow began to swirl around him. All he could see was the red blood staining the ground, and the face of the man that had... had...

A scream pierced the air; the pain and rage of a boy released fully. His sister was dead, crushed by the man standing before him with the greasy hair and stupid, self-important smirk. He needed to die. Gen needed to kill him. The voices in his head screamed for blood. His hand was cold... so very cold. A sword...? A blade of ice, filling his vision as he looked at his hand; covered in ice and white as snow. That... he could use that...

The blizzard raged around them; the smirk was fading from the man's face. Gen was screaming again; inhuman sounds of rage and anger bubbling from his throat.

And then the man was choking on his own blood. The sword of ice was sticking out of his chest; surprise was plastered on his face. Gen had charged, the man had been monologuing about... something; he hadn't heard a word of it, only the voice. The voice that would never sound again; a heart that would never beat again. From the wound, ice spread; freezing the body into an icy corpse; shattered by the howling winds.

Gen saw only red now. The red of blood, and the red of fury.

He ran into the forest; far away from the end of his world. He would run until he couldn't move; and then run more.

The voices wouldn't allow otherwise.

Faceclaim: Gen the Guardian of Shibano - Natsume Yuujinchou
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