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 Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]   Sat May 02, 2015 1:18 am

Name: Yavriil, Lov Yolheim
Age: 19
Birthdate: 22/9
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: Hikage

Village: Fubukigakure no Sato
Element(s): Suuton, Fuiton, Hyoton, Fubukiton
Specialties: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

    Name: Ice Release (Hyoton - 氷遁)
    Type: Advanced Release
    Requirements: Suiton || Fuuton
    Ability Tier: 3
    Minimum Rank: Special Jounin (B)
    Description: By combining Suiton and Fuuton chakra, the user is able to create ice to be used in battle.
    Unlock Requirements: User must have Suiton and Fuuton as elements. Hyoton must be Tertiary (3rd) or Quaternary (4th) element.
    Special Training Requirements: /

    Name: Blizzard Release (Fubukiton - 吹雪遁)
    Type: Kekkei Tota
    Requirements: Suiton || Fuuton || Hyouton
    Ability Tier: 4
    Minimum Rank: Jounin (A)
    Description: Using their knowledge of ice and wind, the user is able to create raging blizzards over large areas. The blizzards are perfect for stealth, hiding attacks, and causing serious damage over long periods of time and large areas.
    Unlock Requirements: Hyouton and all components trained to S-Rank. 3000 words additional training to unlock to D-Rank.
    Special Training Requirements: Blizzard Release jutsu begin at A-Rank. All Blizzard jutsu require an additional 500 words to train. Each rank of Blizzard Release requires an additional 1000 words to train.

    Name: Yin-Body Type
    Type: Disability / Birth-Defect
    Description: The subject is born with a defect in Chakra flow, in which multiple chakra points are blocked. This typically stunts growth of one’s chakra pool, and under most circumstances results in the subject being bed-ridden, if not constantly on a wheelchair--particularly due to this disability effecting the cardiovascular system as well. It is possible to overcome the Yin-Body Type, and if one is successful, because of the adverse effects once overcome the subject generally experiences a variably heightened level of chakra. Naturally, it all depends on the person in question. Those born with Yin-Body Type always have bodies suited towards jutsus that centre around the Yin element (e.g Genjutsu). The subject typically undergoes difficulties in anything having to do with the Yang element, and a difficulty in a balance of the Yin and Yang elements. As a result, the subject is vastly unsuited towards Senjutsu.

    Name: Tangible Dissociative Identity Disorder
    Type: Physical
    Description: The owner of this special characteristic is subject to a unique form of D.I.D, in which not only their psyche is affected, but their physical body as well. In tandem with a switch of personality, certain physical characteristics in their bodies mutate. Affected subjects are typically limited to attributes such as hair and eye colour, or skin pigmentation, but other variations such as body structure and even gender can be affected. In more extreme cases, a switch of persona may even affect chakra output. The owner can not be boosted by this ability, only limited. As such, hypothetically if the owner was an S-Ranked shinobi, but has an alternate persona, while assuming that persona the user may be limited to a lower pool of chakra. That is not to say that their developed skills--particularly those retained via muscle memory--are forgotten and inaccessible in totality, but are neither readily available, depending on the personas and even whether they are aware of each other. In short, one of the personas may have a chakra pool of a Genin at the time, but if the other persona is capable of using S-Ranked ninjutsu, the persona with a genin chakra pool are capable of using these S-Ranked spells in accordance with the varying circumstances. (Multiple FCs may be used to accommodate the varying appearances.) To restate, this special characteristic does one of two things: potentially surpress the owner’s Chakra (and never boost it) and the owner’s chakra alone (depending on the persona), and change their appearance in accordance with their multiple personalities. These appearances are set, and this characteristic does not function as a way to shapeshift.

Height: 5’3 ft / 160cm
Weight: 101lbs / 46kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: Yavriil's hair presents itself with a pitch-black luster. It flows softly with thick volume, splitting off from the top-rear of her head into uneven twintails. Said tails branch off, one to the left and the other to the right, the right possessing shorter length; the right tail falls down to her shoulder, and in different lighting the latent visual distortions that occasionally warp oscillation around Yavriil makes the tail appear to extend, falling further down, perhaps to her waist even (depending on lighting). The left tail's legitimate length falls just below her hips, and just as the other tail, it may appear longer through similar fashion. As a matter of fact, the latent visual distortions which occur may tinge her hair with a slight bluish or purple hue. Typically, this occurs through released chakra.

The Hikage’s eyes are a definite deep-indigo, with different lighting presenting it as a lighter shade. In some instances, people have claimed her eyes to glow. Technically speaking, it would be true for her left eye. As the kage of her village, it’s understandable that her reserves of Chakra exceed the common crop; in fact, so much that her left eye is constantly lit in what aesthetically seems akin to fire. In truth, the substance is an intangible manifestation of chakra, which would otherwise passively emanate from her body if not for the concentration in her left eye (this has no actual bearings on her stats or anything along those lines--purely a logical explanation as to why her FC's eye is on fire, and perhaps a convenient lamp. Can be disadvantageously used to target her easily, or advantageously find her in the darkness as an ally). Yavriil's eyes have a rounded shape to them, opening wide to often show the entirety of her iris. The largeness of her eyes are joined by large pupils, which hold no bearing on her sight during the night. Despite that, extremely bright lights are off-putting, but manageable to an extent (naturally excluding her own fiery eye).

Starting from the collective aspects which most visibly make up what one thinks of Yavriil一setting aside those aforementioned一, what one may find most apparent in her image is the light skin tone she possesses, even being described as unhealthily pale. Her white skin is incredibly absent of colour, easily noticeable in most all circumstances. In fact, in a situation with little to almost no light, among all persons the first one to be recognised is Yavriil, due to her skin tone (and in several circumstances, due to her vibrant left eye). Its pale demeanor is found to be matched by nearly no other, and the reason for her lack of pigmentation might be attributed by factors which govern other physical aspects of hers. The primary offender is due to the nature of her geological circumstances. As the resident leader of a village covered in ice, while typically inhabitants are tanned as a result of the surface of ice, snow, and water easily reflecting sunlight, as a ninja that works in the darkness and generally out of light’s way during daytime, Yavriil’s exposure to any sort of tanning agent comes as infrequent.

Contrasting Yavriil's light skin tone is a heavy preference for black articles of clothing. Most all things she wears possesses black as its base colour, often being as intense as the dark hair atop her head. Occasionally, a contrasting colour such as blue一or the more common white一may appear, but mostly in small amounts. Not many people can withstand the harsh weather of the Village Hidden in the Blizzard. Yavriil’s elemental affinity, mental constitution and physical training makes her one of the few exceptions, resulting in the ability to comfortably wear small articles of clothing in her village. It doubles as a symbol that the leader of the village is strong and mentally powerful; enough that her body is unhindered by the surroundings.

About You!
Personality: Yavriil loves discovering patterns, and spotting discrepancies between statements could almost be described as a hobby, making it a bad idea to lie to her in common situations. Ironically, her own words should be taken with a grain of salt; it's not that she is dishonest, but whether for the achievement of her own ideals or just general precautions, the Hikage frequents a twist in words or exaggeration, using others' emotions in relation to hers to gain what she wants. This may make her appear unreliable, but in reality few are more skilled and capable of reaching a solid conclusion, drilling through the endless factors and details that encompass the issue and developing a unique and viable solution than one such as herself--just don't expect a moral means to an end. People who share her personality aren't interested in practical, day-to-day activities and maintenance, but when they find an environment where their underlying motivations and potential can be expressed and grasped, there is no limit to the time and energy she will expend in developing an insightful and effective solution as she sees it.

Yavriil may appear to drift about in an unending daydream of her ideals, but her thought process is unceasing, and her mind buzzes with realistically applicable concepts from the moment she wakes up. This constant thinking can have the effect of making her look pensive and detached, as she is often conducting full-fledged, complex plans in her own head, but really Yavriil is quite relaxed and friendly when she is with people she finds comfort in, who shares the same interests. However, this can be replaced by overwhelming skepticism when Yavriil is among unfamiliar faces, and friendly banter can quickly become combative if she believes their end goal differs from her own, or more specifically, threatens her own end goal.

When Yavriil is particularly excited, the conversation can border on incoherence as she might try to explain the daisy-chain of logical conclusions that led to the formation of her latest idea. Often times, Yavriil will opt to simply move on from a topic before it's ever understood what she was trying to say, rather than try to lay things out in plain terms. The reverse can also be true when people explain their thought processes to her, in terms of subjectivity and feeling. Imagine an immensely complicated clockwork, taking in every fact and idea possible, processing them with a heavy dose of creative reasoning and returning the most logically sound results available; this is how the Yavriil's mind works, and her kind has little tolerance for an emotional monkey-wrench jamming her gears without logical basis.

Furthermore, with thinking as one of her governing traits, Yavriil is unlikely to understand emotional complaints at all, and her friends won't find much of a bedrock of emotional support in her besides the facade she might present. People like Yavriil would much rather make a series of logical suggestions to the desired result for how to resolve the underlying issue, a perspective that is not always welcomed by their morally obliged companions. This will likely extend to most social conventions and goals as well, e.g planning excursions and having pre-engaged matters with morally emotional context, as Yavriil is far more concerned with effective and efficient results.

One thing that really holds Yavriil back is her restless and pervasive fear of failure. Yavriil is so prone to reassessing her own thoughts and theories, worrying that she’s missed some critical piece of the puzzle, that she might become stagnate, lost in an intangible world where her thoughts are never truly applied. Overcoming this self-doubt stands as one of the greatest challenges she is likely to face, but the intellectual gifts --big and small--bestowed on the world when she does makes it worth the fight, arrogant as it may be.

In another side of her, Yavriil prefers to explore with her hands and eyes, touching and examining the world around her with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity as opposed to the alternatives. Those of the same breed as her are 'doers', moving from event to event, completing the useful and the superfluous for the necessity in it, and learning from their environment as they go. Suited to a more conventional occupation of a applicatory function based purely on intellectual prowess, Yavriil finds no greater joy than in getting her hands dirty pulling things apart and putting them back together, just a little bit better than they were before--bodies not exempt. Yavriil is the type to explore ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error, and first-hand experience if it can not be solved through the mind alone. She doesn't mind having other people take an interest in her projects and sometimes doesn't even mind them getting into their space. Of course, that's on the condition that those people don't interfere with her principles and freedom.

On the occasion where logical input is of less efficiency, easily one of the most dominant traits in Yavriil’s array of quirks is an impulsive nature. Most everything she does with the aforementioned terms is a result of her instinctual, quickly-thought out theories (despite its effectiveness), whether it’s a combative instance, or it’s a matter of what food she’ll eat for dinner. On the other hand, in most circumstances of little strategic value from a more conservative outlook, most all of her choices are done through the naturally-thought out, with little consideration to what is considered the societal 'rational'. In shallow context "impulse" can be one of the things that 'defines' the Hikage during these moments, contradictory as it may be.

With her ultimate motivations taken out of the picture, the less 'serious' Yavriil's complexity fades, and the depth of who she is and has become is revealed even further. Her open-mindedness is a trait that may reflect the woman's and interest in the likes of culture and art. In different context, one can describe Yavriil to be imaginative, creative, and a seeker of cultural and educational experiences, as opposed to her surface-level of practical and straight-forward (though seemingly the opposite) demeanor. At the same time, as with many of the youth, Yavriil is prone to experiencing negative thoughts and feelings. With a lack of authourial figures she can respectfully look up to and obey, insecurity isn't without home in Yavriil's heart, on subjects more than simply physical attraction.

In more casual occurrences, Yavriil frequents the ultimate devil's advocate, thriving on the process of shredding arguments and beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind for all to see--when unconflicting with her own. One can even take out the strategic purpose and still find that she enjoys this process. Few loves the process of mental sparring more than this girl, as it gives her a chance to exercise her effortlessly quick wit, broad accumulated knowledge base, and capacity for connecting disparate ideas to prove her points, biased as they might be.


Something which is granted by her unto all persons from the first meet as basic courtesy: respect. Upon first contact, she will treat someone with due respect, talking to them as equals. Without prior knowledge of the person, Yavriil sees them eye to eye, or at least presents her viewpoint to gravitate towards equality. Even if she did possess information regarding a person she has yet to meet, should the time come, whether they were to be regarded with reverence or deemed the lowest of criminals, Yavriil will converse with them primarily in a formal manner.

Her fragmented mind has chiseled this characteristic into her, to the point of having a generally polite way of carrying herself at essentially all times (in this personality). Yavriil finds it shameful for someone to act without manners, therefore she does just the opposite. Furthermore, when someone has actually done something worthy of acknowledgement, she won't simply have manners, but legitimately respect them, or hold them in relatively high-esteem. In contrast, if someone does something uncouth, she will most likely cease to treat them kindly. In the event that the person subsequently does something shameful to doing something respectful (or doing both repetitively), she will retain polite tones, but might express her disapproval subliminally, in light of their shameful actions.

In regards to higher-ups一few as they may be一they naturally deserve respect, for reasons such as simply being "higher-up", as well as doing something deserving of that position. Naturally, Yavriil will give them respect, however, a situation may arise in which Yavriil’s personal opinion differs with their position. In this case, she will treat them politely, but express her disapproval subliminally.

Nevertheless, respect is something which Yavriil finds importance in. In regards to respecting herself, she prefers to see herself as humble, but understands that even she deserves some degree of respect. No matter how conceited it may seem, she has still worked towards achieving the level she presents herself to be at currently. In light of this, she would prefer acknowledgement of her status, and in response be treated as someone who has earned their place.

Publicly, Yavriil is widely known for the aura of grace and elegance she carries一as if she were the true embodiment of nobility. The Hikage walks in perfect posture, each step taken with a lack of extra movement entirely. Her pristine actions typically fail to convey body language, as even sub-consciously the conservative movements she performs lacks a definite divergence from a consistent pattern. Yavriil preserves herself in an utmost efficient fashion; all these physical quirks developed are due to一just as her mannerable/respective trait一a mental fracture and intensive training, as well as the need to carefully move her body so as to create minimal stress and not risk any sort of bodily damage. If anything, this trait is the result of habitual learning.

Yavriil’s loyalty knows no bounds when it comes to the village. Being the one to guide a nation practically entirely, the majority of her time is rightfully dedicated towards its maintenance, development and sustenance. Following her loyalty is the willingness to go to the farthest reaches of the Land of Glaciers and the deepest depths of the Three Bands as seen necessary. In a difficult situation, she is more likely to pick the option best suited towards the well being of the village, even if it means her own demise.

People who consider themselves more than simply acquainted with Yavriil will probably notice that she's a bit distant emotionally and socially. Her true feelings are usually kept to herself, aside from the very closest of beings to her. On a social level, she generally keeps away, not necessarily out of disliking conversations and simply preferring isolation, but rather a feeling of not being able to open herself up very well (particularly due to trauma).

History: Yavriil was born into a society whose capable children were trained to become assassins--soldiers for the military; a group of people centered around and infatuated with the Mystical and the Martial Arts. Among this society, Yavriiil’s village in particular had certain methods to manage this militant nation. One of the primary obsessions in this group was retaining their knowledge over the years. In turn, the elders had come up with a way to document their history and knowledge of martial arts; that idea was training a child in everything they could, essentially having a copy of what constituted their village in the flesh. That child was chosen amongst many through selection, based on innate potential and talent--something the elder's could get a feel for, primarily through potency in Chakra. The chosen child,Lov Yolheim, had overwhelming amounts of chakra, and was therefore the likely candidate. Lov wasn't an only child, however. He had a younger twin-sister, which unfortunately possessed the cursed condition of a "Yin Body Type", a sort of birth defect in which one's chakra-points were blocked. This was considered something that made practice of martial arts practically impossible unless removed. If removed, the potential affinity for Yin-related jutsus were enough to be considered monstrous.

Years passed, and Lov had displayed impeccable talent, living fully to the expectations of the elders. Throughout these years, his sister, Yavriil had also lived up to the expectations--or rather, lack of expectations--the elders had for her: a bed-ridden state, with the occasion to barely stand on her own in her best health. But that wasn't satisfying to her. She watched over Lov as he practiced the martial arts. With his special treatment, he became the object of her admiration, as well as a receiver of her jealousy. She wanted to be just like him.

As a result, she tried to perform a meditation technique he was practicing. This resulted in dangerous consequences, causing her chest to constrict. Having fainted, she awoke to overhear the conversation of the Elders, in which they had dictated that she was never to perform martial arts, given the dangers for her. In a fit of rage and unacceptance, Yavriil attempted to perform the meditation technique once more, this time successfully. This resulted in revealing her true chakra-potential: utterly massive. She hadn't mastered the technique, however, and when she stopped meditation, her condition caused her blood vessels and veins to burst throughout her body, the shot of pain causing her to faint once again.

This time, when she woke up, the words of the elders were conflicting. One had wanted her to practice martial arts, saying that if she could overcome her condition, Godly techniques could be at her disposal. Another disagreed and still claimed it to be too dangerous. Interrupting this conversation was the subject itself, abruptly asking to be trained as a martial artist. The determination she conveyed was so intense, they had no choice but to accept.

Years passed once again. Finally doing what she desired, Yavriil had worked and dedicated all of her efforts into martial arts, wanting to rise to her brother's level. Her condition only restricted her, but she simply saw it as a mountain, waiting to be climbed--and that she did. She had been on the brink of death for so long, she stopped fearing it. Pushing her body to its utmost limits, often resulting in dire consequences, Yavriil trained like no other. Even when organs began failing and blood-vessels had popped, if it was in the middle of training, despite the intense pain that followed and the unrelenting damage and fatigue which always plagued her, the training would either be finished, or she would lose consciousness.

Yavriil had spent plenty of time bed-ridden by now, but moreso than just her condition, these times were mainly caused by overworking her body. She couldn't count the number of times she nearly died throughout this life, and she was born not more than 9 years ago. In her mind, however, it was all worth it. She was close to catching up with her brother by now, but there was always a small margin she had difficulties overcoming--his pure talent had put some distance between them, which was only closed through her unending resolve and hard-work. This would soon change.

At some point in their 9th year, Lov had fallen sick. His illness greatly affected his ability to manage chakra. Lov, being Yavriil’s goal, was a major discouragement at this time. What she desired to be had fallen so low, even Yavriil herself could manage to defeat him. To her, this was unacceptable. her state of desire was that of a strong person--talented, graceful and utterly strong. For the person she pinned her admiration onto, their current state was ridiculous. In her young mind, one of the solutions was to continue his training for him. She thought, just maybe, she could take over his training so that when he returned, the Elders would still be under the impression that he never fell back.

As such, Yavriil had cut her hair and mimicked Lov; surprisingly, she was overwhelmingly convincing. It wasn't enough to fool the elders, though. However, they never said anything about knowing that Yavriil was acting in place of Lov. Through deliberation, they decided that it was Yavriil’s choice to take over for Lov, and that she would suffer the consequences of her own choice.

They were harsh. Yavriil had already pushed herself in her own training, and Lov already being at a higher level, his training was more than enough to make someone with her body type die dozens of times over. That was not an option for Yavriil. It was fine if she fainted in the middle of her own training, as she had the Yin Pulse. Her brother did not, however, and to act in his place, she had to carry the same capacity as him. As such, the only thing sustaining her was an overwhelming determination, and a desire to continue onward. Her stamina, physically lacking, was pushed over the limit time and time again, powered through her sheer willpower. Her body felt numb, organs had failed, internal bleeding was vastly common in her body, but these things would be hidden and covered up. Yavriil felt it necessary to uphold Lov’s reputation as the boy who would inherit the Village’s being.

Three years had passed by like this, Lov’s condition starting to seem terminal. Yavriil was already vastly stronger than Lov ever was. Training everyday for the amount of not only two people, but two people who often trained more than 20 people combined, Yavriil’s exhaustion was no longer existent. She ran purely on determination, sometimes even instinctively practicing martial arts in an unconscious state, often induced by the organ-failure and the like. And anytime she rested, meditation and chakra-circulation was the only thing that had sustained her life, attempting to heal the insides of her body.

Eventually, shefound out about Lov’s terminal condition. At this point, she felt like all hope was lost for him. In a last desperate effort, Yavriil had stood at the doorstep of the best healing-clan in the village, and bowed before their door for 16 days straight, begging for them to heal Lov.

Despite Lov being known as the being to inherit the will and being of the village, many people were reluctant to comply. Naturally, some were opposed to the Yolheim family’s sole candidacy, essentially being given the pedestal of “ruling clan”, and as a result, Lov bore much hatred throughout the village. When the healing clan had been made aware of his terminal condition, they couldn't help but want to let him die and avoid healing him. Unfortunately, after the 16th day, it was clear that Yavriil had resolved herself to die before their door, or obtain their help. This worried the healing clan in two ways: firstly, they'd have a dead body on their doorstep. Second, Yavriil was the second sibling of the Yolheim family, which made it clear that she might inherit Lov’s position once he died, making their original reason to refuse helping the boy pointless. As such, they would comply with Yavriil, but only under one condition: she was to pass their tests.

Tests with the clear aims of discouraging, even killing and preventing the participant were grueling and harsh. They seemed to do everything in their power to prevent Yavriil from actually passing, in which case, they could say that they actually made condition to willingly help Lov, holding face before the rest of the village, as well as discourage Yavriil from actually inheriting Lov’s position.

These tests were relentless, some of them going over the span of a month. That entire year was dedicated to fulfilling these tests, which, at the end, were all completed, many just barely. No matter what test this clan threw at Yavriil, including outright trying to prevent being assassinated by their own clansmen, she would prevail. In the end, still very reluctant, Yavriil had successfully gotten the clan to help her dear elder-brother. Unfortunately, there was one last test: they would give a scroll that taught someone how to complete their best healing technique, and Yavriil would be the one to have to heal Lov. Yavriil of course complied, but not before receiving a second scroll regarding a forbidden chakra-circulation technique.

Taking her leave, she immediately went to learn, master, and use this spell on Lov. Merely a week went by before she had gone to complete the task and heal Lov. It was successful.

Lov was finally on his way to recovery, and when the Elders had discovered this, they told Yavriil that they were aware that she had acted in his place. As such, she would no longer carry on with Lov’s training, and solely on her own. But not immediately. For now, they would celebrate.

After a few days of rest and celebration, Yavriil had gone to read and perform the second scroll given to her by the Healing Clan. The circulation technique: Black Heaven and Earth. It was considered to be the ultimate circulation technique of the village, allowing for an overwhelming balance of Yin and Yang, rumoured to have been a technique carried over from the land of the outlanders. Within these few days of rest and celebration, Yavriil had dedicated some time to learning and mastering this technique. She had eventually come to the point of attempting the final stage of the technique, which she promptly did on the last day of rest and celebration.

Resuming training, Lov had picked up where he left off four years ago, whereas Yavriil, already leaps and bounds ahead of him, had excelled even further with the aid of the Black Heaven and Earth technique. Her training had jumped several lessons ahead, as she had easily performed and mastered each lesson taught, one after the other. This was a truly amazing time for Yavriil, in which she was in peak-condition constantly, unaffected by things such as organ-failure, blood-loss and flesh-tearing--a common occurrence for her in the past.

This was short-lived, however. It would seem that her skill and precision quickly began to degrade. Unbeknownst to her, it would be the dire result of a failed Black Heaven and Earth technique and overwhelmingly high mountain of having a Yin-Body Type (which obviously prevented effective use or embrace of a Yang Release). In the final stage, whatever the cause, Yavriil would not have completed the stage correctly, resulting in a temporary boost of power, but overall degrading of the body. Like in her past, Yavriil’s body grew frail and incompatible with the Martial Arts.

It got to the point where she fell to the same level as Lov, who was four years behind. The elders took obvious notice to her fall in ability, resulting in both siblings being highly unsuited to what they were trained to do: inherit the village’s being. Of course, they wouldn't accept something like that. These past 13 years of their lives had been dedicated to such a task; it was their obsession, they trained religiously, especially Yavriil, who had worked several times harder than her elder-brother, just to do what she felt necessary. It was with their resolve thus far, the elders had decided on their next action: purge.

The elders had thought of restarting everything, re-training the siblings from bottom up. But, as a result, to perfect this, they would see it fit to purge the sibling's knowledge of the the martial arts, including even muscle memory.

For the next six months, the two children were put through what seemed like hell. Not only was they're psyche challenged, mental torture being the best tool in sealing memories within a person, their physical bodies were put through unbearable pains. For these six months, the elders had attempted to completely destroy who these siblings were, so that they could regrow to be someone else entirely. For Lov, this task wasn't as hard to complete. Within three months of constant torture on a physical and mental level, hellish fabrications of memories implanted into him and the crushing of nearly every single one of his bones, the cries he would scream out would be more than enough to drive someone else insane. And in the next room would be his younger sister. Someone who through sheer willpower, had endured training meant for a body of diamond with a body of paper. Her mind was already so insanely strong, their torture was hundreds of times more tormenting than her brother's. More than that, she had developed a resistance, or rather, an innate ability to handle to pain and the destruction of her body. No matter what the elder's did, even involuntarily, she held on. Her consciousness stayed throughout the duration, even after mutilation of her body and utter ruin filled her being. She was so determined to continue her training and willing to be purged, this willpower had acted as unintended. She had steeled herself long ago, the purging failing to break her in the slightest. Even with false memories implanted into her, ones in which her brother's guts painted the floor, or her mother's purity was taken by gangs of others instead of her beloved father, she had held on.

The elders could take no more. Lov and Yavriil weren't the only ones hurt in this experience. Those close to them, including the elders who had tortured the two themselves, couldn't bear to seem them in such a state any longer. With Lov already purged, they had ended the efforts with Yavriil after six months, completely unsuccessful.


Several years had passed by, Lov restarting completely from step-one, whereas Yavriil, unsuccessfully purged, just continued where she left off, with slow progress enough to allow Lov to catch up to her by the time their final lessons took place. As Lov was soon to graduate and assume the position of Hikage, essentially the entire point of the trials and tribulations he faced, a metaphorical needle stabbed through a pressure point. Multiple years ago, Yavriil recruited the help of a clan known for healing, and through their help she cured her brother’s illness and freed him from the shackles of immobility. At least, that was what she assumed.

The scroll given to her to heal Lov was not medical ninjutsu, but genjutsu. It was a powerful spell that affected the subject’s senses in long-term. But, that was all it was: an illusion. Through the placebo effect, Lov’s body held out for years far surpassing what was sensibly possible, likely attributed by his own sheer talent and Yavriil’s determination to heal him. But years were already unfeasible by normal standards. In no way could this spell actually heal the soon-to-be Hikage.

Lov’s death was abrupt. His body simply gave out, and his heart stopped. If he died earlier, there would be time to mourn. The day after his death was the official coronation and recognition of the new Hikage. There was no time, and the expectations of the village that was built up for over a decade would have to be answered. Their first Hikage in a long while was to appear. Naturally, the only possible replacement was the person who experienced the same journey as Lov Yolheim.

The lack of time to mourn and sudden mantle of responsibility thrust upon her was enough stress to finally break her. In an instant, her mind fractured into separate personalities. The new one: distant, powerful, responsible, determined, calculative and loyal--traits that formed what Yavriil believed to the ideal form of a kage. This mindset warped her body, and hair grew black, eyes dark and indigo, and a flame of ethereal chakra burned from the left. At this moment, a new “Lov Yolheim” was born.

(EXTRA: As her authority of the Hikage, Yavriil utilised ANBU to utterly decimate the healing clan which gave her scrolls that ultimately killed her brother and harmed her own body; not a single member was left, children included. Lov and Yavriil alike are vengeful.)

RP Sample: The revelation of the Hikage dawned upon the beings within the vicinity. The Earth below shook in light of her presence, ritualising her arrival. What soon came might have been half expected, but the massive tremors which foretold the coming of the Honoured confirmed and abolished all doubts and suspicions. The heavens grew pale as she surfaced from the darkness in the corner of everyone's eyes. The clouds propagated as their grey bodies coveted the skies, letting little light bless the Earth below. Afloat, several dozens of metres above ground level, a pale body, thin and doused in blue and black shades--even her left eye burning a transparent blue--came forth with haste, no body movements nor language to show. Her coat hung tightly over her shoulders, with the hood static behind her neck and sleeves tightly grasping the arms which wore them. No one could be mistaken as to who this newcomer was. This fact was only attributed by the silence of the surviving villagers, patrolmen, and likely the bandit missing-nin ahead. Death and disaster was coming on a whole different level from prior events, and that was certain. Hark, for the Hikage of Fubuki, Lov Yolheim, would now speak.

The voice of Yavriil’s monologue was confined to her mind alone. In a situation as rare as diamonds, at the moment her mind was Yavriil, and her body Lov. It must have been the effect of the Black Heaven and Earth technique. Years passed since her first failure with the meditation technique, and coming a long way since then, Yavriil was capable of using the technique with a diluted potency, taking care to preventing her Yin Body-Type from clashing with the inner balance. Yavriil’s thoughts roamed on a tangent, delving into what she knew as the history of this technique and the odd connection it held to her family, both rumour to have ancestry from the outlanders; her tangent was cut short as the voice of reason within her, Lov’s psyche, pointed out the situation at hand with a mental gesture.

Ah, you’re right. We need to take care of this first. A group of missing-nin attacked the village, and some of them were fairly powerful. Typically, ANBU would have handled it, but with Lov’s body and Yavriil’s mind, it was understandable that she might alleviate the situations hands-on. Plus, it was getting a bit to humid in her meditation room. Her bare skin missed the feeling of the cold, biting wind of her Village Hidden in the Blizzard.

Fast forwards a few minutes, and here she was confronting the bandits in an extravagant manner. At least, that’s how they would have seen it. In truth, all of them were placed under her powerful genjutsu. Arriving at the scene, Yavriil tossed shards of clear ice, and used their reflections and systematic placement to catch the eyes of all present. Had Lov been in charge of the situation, she would have dealt with the situation quickly and gone back to her responsibilities. Seeing as Yavriil was in control, there was bound to be a bit of fun in play.

"Loki..." Her voice resounded throughout the area, and despite the soft, whispering tone held within it, no one would fail to hear it, perhaps even the deaf, even the dead in hell or heaven, even those buried in Gaia. "Why do you pause and allow these mongrels to speak?" Her eyes, which were once dead-set on Loki as if in disappointment, quickly adjusted to stare directly in the hearts of the men and women before her. Disgust was on her mind and in her breath, before this gaze switched once again, to look at the being, in her mind, cowering behind the police and what would seem to be a member of Terra Force and Guildmaster Zero, yet bravely standing forth in front of what seemed to be his guild-mates. Possibly an interesting fellow, which might bring Yavriil some satisfaction later in life. But such was only speculation. She continued to speak, her words referencing that which stood in vision, "Why do you wait, Loki? I'm sure you're aware of some of the things these peasants might take action in. I'm sure you're aware that this man has something up his sleeve?" Her gaze shifted once again, now fixated on the man who had the megaphone, the Terra Force member. "And you even allow this scum to speak? Why, that would be hardly a wise decision; he might even be on par with my Heir." A slight smirk donned her face, no doubt representing malicious intent. Her eyes reacted with the smirk, bending in a disgustingly plotting manner.

It would’ve been quite the site for anyone to see Yavriil’s reaction. She burst into laughter, recreating a scene from a novel she read before, using the missing-nin bandits and nearby patrolmen as the cast members, and herself as the main character, and apparently, the narrator. Her mental monotone voice made the whole thing seem all the more humorous.

Yavriil would undoubtedly have continued if it weren’t for the changing body that looked like Lov, reverting to Yavriil’s appearance to correspond with the controlling psyche. It would be bad if a more skilled ninja caught sight of a mere Chuunin completely controlling the situation and going so far as to play around with the minds of those around her. After all, Yavriil made quite the effort to have the elders fabricate her existence up to this point as a Chuunin, with even her chakra pools having been repressed to the same level.

It was clear that playtime was over. Pretty soon, more patrolmen would come along and handle the situation. The effects of her presence--specifically the effects on the bandits and other patrolmen--could not be so easily erased. So, for the time being, through the use of genjutsu Yavriil put the patrolmen to sleep, and through the use of Hyoton ninjutsu, Yavriil literally froze the bandits, coating their entire body in ice. Satisfied with her work, Yavriil hopped away and fled the scene. The only thing left were signs of the Hikage having come and dealt with the situation herself due to the failure of the patrolmen, who were beaten by the bandits and knocked unconscious. At the very least, that’s what Yavriil assumed the scene would look like.

Faceclaim: Hatsune Miku, Vocaloids - Black Rock Shooter, Black Rock Shooter

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Plain Text Version:

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PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]   Sat May 02, 2015 5:48 pm

Okay, so eve with me enabling HTML on the board, all that code around your image doesn't work.

Quote :
Rank: C-S (Chuunin-Hikage)

Your Rank would just read as Hikage.

Quote :
Name: Tangible Dissociative Identity Disorder
Type: Physical
Description: The owner of this special characteristic is subject to a unique form of D.I.D, in which not only their psyche is affected, but their physical body as well. In tandem with a switch of personality, certain physical characteristics in their bodies mutate. Affected subjects are typically limited to attributes such as hair and eye colour, or skin pigmentation, but other variations such as body structure and even gender can be affected. In more extreme cases, a switch of persona may even affect chakra output. The owner can not be boosted by this ability, only limited. As such, hypothetically if the owner was an S-Ranked shinobi, but has an alternate persona, while assuming that persona the user may be limited to a lower pool of chakra. That is not to say that their developed skills--particularly those retained via muscle memory--are forgotten and inaccessible in totality, but are neither readily available, depending on the personas and even whether they are aware of each other. In short, one of the personas may have a chakra pool of a Genin at the time, but if the other persona is capable of using S-Ranked ninjutsu, the persona with a genin chakra pool are capable of using these S-Ranked spells in accordance with the varying circumstances. (Multiple FCs may be used to accommodate the varying appearances.)

This is actually pretty well done. All I need now is concrete limiters. Basically, how does this effect your character in particular.

That history is... pretty damn intense. My biggest issue is all the talk of Yin release and how that's basically the only thing you ever did; yet you're taking not just Ice, but full on Blizzard release as your elements. Pretty much the rest of it can be taken as is; it's a bit harsh for what we had in mind for the village history, however given how isolated and harsh the world they live in is, it can be allowed.


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PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]   Sat May 02, 2015 6:20 pm

I added information to the Tangible Dissociative Identity Disorder to clarify what it does. As for the mention of Yin in her history, that's only to explain her genjutsu affinity, as it is a Yin-Release related specialisation. It also serves as a plot device to exaggerate the difficulties in her life. She actually has no capability of using the Yin Release as one of her usable elements. The Yin-Body Type, ICly, doesn't actually have any IC advantages/disadvantages. It's a fictional birth-defect taken from the Manhwa "The Breaker" and "The Breaker: New Waves".
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That's fair. In this case: you'll need to write up the Yin Body Type as an SC.


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PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]   Sat May 02, 2015 6:38 pm

I have added the Yin-Body Type as a special characteristic, and have gone semi-indepth as to the effects of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]   Sat May 02, 2015 8:57 pm


I've got a wanted poster here and it looks like you.
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And they've got orders to shoot anything that moves.
I've got a license to kill and it's stamped approved.
You better run little man 'cause we're on the move...

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Yavriil Yolheim - Hikage [FINISHED]
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