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 Kotaro [Locker]

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PostSubject: Kotaro [Locker]   Sat Apr 25, 2015 9:31 pm

Item: Kunai
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per kunai. Available in packs of 10 for 100 Ryo.
Description: The kunai, or throwing knife, is one of the
most common tools of the shinobi, as it is useful for both close quarters and long range combat, as well as being used in conjunction with other materials such as explosive tags or wire to form deadly combinations.

Item: Shuriken
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per shuriken. Available in packs of 10 for 150 Ryo.
Description: The Shuriken, or throwing star, is a common long range projectile weapon of the shinobi.

Item: Senbon
Rank: D
Quantity: 100
Price: 1 Ryo per senbon. Only Available in packs of 10 for 10 Ryo, 50 for 50 ryo, and 100 for 100 ryo
Description: The senbon, first used by doctors in acupuncture, began to become utilized by shinobi, specifically hunter-ninja. The senbon is valued for it's ability to hit precision points on the targets body, able to cause death, cripple limbs or knock the target unconscious. In the right hands, of course.

Name: Triple Bladed Scythe
Type: Scythe
Rank: A-Rank
Upgrade Slots: -
Affinities: -
The Triple-Bladed Scythe is the primary weapon of Kotaro Fuma. The three blades get smaller by an inch from top to bottom, giving the scythe a larger range near the outside edge, despite decreasing its lethality. The scythe is attached to a long metal cable -5m-, wound around two spools on Kotaro's left hip. This cable is strong enough to block kunai and allows Kotaro to further increase the scythe's range by swinging it through the air. It has a reach of 5ft 6in and the blades are 1ft 6in each. Being that this is a A rank weapon it would be able to cut through C rank armor and below with basic strikes. To cut through armors B rank and above with a single strike it would need to be enhanced with a jutsu or use multiple basic strikes (+ 2 per rank above C, e.g. B rank armors requiring 3 strikes, A requiring five, ect) Both sides of the blades cut.
Enhancements: -
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Kotaro [Locker]
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