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 Kids. It Had to be Kids [Mission. D-Rank. WC 585]

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PostSubject: Kids. It Had to be Kids [Mission. D-Rank. WC 585]   Sat Apr 25, 2015 5:26 pm


Why. Why did he agree to this. He didn't even like kids enough to babysit. If not for being basically told to start running missions by his superiors, he wouldn't be doing this at all. He would rather be off at the wildlife center working there, specially with the new babies and the young joeys that where coming into the ambassador programs. It was a free chance to play with them, since the whole point of the starter program was socializing them so that they're used to being around people and wouldn't react to the noises and such of normal humans.

Oh well. He let himself have one last grunt before knocking on the door of the residence he was supposed to report to. He introduced himself to the harried parents, who quickly raced right past him with a shout of "You'll do fine! BYE!"

Awesome. He slipped inside, locking the door behind him and sighed again. Screaming toddler, whining kid, and the oldest with his head buried deep in some little toy game that was all the rage with the civilian kids. Woooooo.~

"Ooookay, so let's just get you..." He reached own gently and picked the screaming toddler up, setting the child on his shoulders just long enough for sticky hands to tightly grip his hair and screams to turn into giggles. Yeeeep, this one liked being high. The whiner was quickly offered a foot to ride on, which was accepted with a chomp of sharp baby teeth on his, thankfully padded, pant leg. Not that the kid could have actually hurt him, but sharp teeth still sucked. As for the oldest... "You good, kid?"

"Gimme food."

Wunderbah. "What'cha want?"

"Ice cream."

Noooope. "How about some chicken nuggets?"


Just.... wunderbah.

The food making was simple enough, shove a sheet pan of frozen nuggets into the oven and run around for a while keeping the younger two happy. Once they where close to done, he got the kids sitting in their respective places and snacking on a banana, carrots, and sweet potato chips respectively. He divvied up the nuggets between them, and made sure there was some ketchup and honey mustard for them to dip the nuggets in, and went to get the kitchen mostly cleaned up.

Or maintained, while they threw food at each other for a while. Siiiiigh.

After all that was cleaned up, and the younger where in clean clothes; he had to give the older some dodge skill credit; he set them down for some quality time with Uncle TV, and set about picking up toys and such.

That lasted a good half an hour before the kids had passed out on their own. The older one got up and changed the channel to something he wanted to watch, and returned to being nose deep in his game.

A key in the front door lock signaled his salvation, and the father racing inside to make sure the kids where okay was mildly amusing. "Oh. They're napping. And... changed."

"Fed. Food fight. Kitchen is spotless."

"Oh thank god."

"They alive?"

"House is intact, the kid did good."

Kid? Ugh. "I'm... gunna go now. Bye." And fleeing time is now.

WC: 585/100


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Kids. It Had to be Kids [Mission. D-Rank. WC 585]
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