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 How Do You Lose A Shoe? [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 320 ]

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PostSubject: How Do You Lose A Shoe? [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 320 ]   Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:42 pm


How the hell someone could lose a shoe in the middle of the day was beyond Karu, but apparently this guy had a reputation with the missions department for being a scatterbrained idiot that was always losing something, so they were pretty lackadaisical about it. This happened a few times a month, and the guy always paid in full, so they didn't care. Something for the newblets to do, anyway. Meh. The guy was almost sure, or as sure as he ever got, that he lost it in the local park; so Karu was basically being paid to take a walk. Awesome.

He headed off that way with only the vaguest idea of what he was looking for ("It was a black running shoe! No... wait... uuuh... white formal? Er... maroon dress? IT'S A SHOE DAMN IT!") The Chunnin at the desk had taken him aside before he left and delivered a telling piece of advice to him, "Just bring in a shoe. It doesn't have to even be the right size. He'll forget about this in a day anyway."

Ugh. Whatever.

He figured the best place to look would be the Traps, a spot where the river tended to wash up lost stuff all the time, and given shoes floated, it would be a good place to check. Something in the general size range would work, and there where usually shoes and stuff stick there. A quick jog across the park had him at the spot, the area was roped off to keep kids from swimming there, and after he flashed his ID to the cop sprawled and oozing out of a chair; surveillance my ass; he went to the water's edge. Let's see... shirt, toys galore... oh, here we go. White walking shoe, roughly the right size, in decent shape. Good enough. Time to turn it in and get paid. Weeeee.

WC: 320/100


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How Do You Lose A Shoe? [Mission. D-Rank. WC: 320 ]
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