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 Jayr Kyamalie [Jutsu List]

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PostSubject: Jayr Kyamalie [Jutsu List]   Thu Apr 23, 2015 11:20 pm

Wolfpack Jutsu:

Academy Jutsu:

D Rank Jutsu:

C Rank Jutsu:

B Rank Jutsu:

A Rank:

S Rank:

I've got a wanted poster here and it looks like you.
You've got a bounty on your head and I'm bringing my crew.
And they've got orders to shoot anything that moves.
I've got a license to kill and it's stamped approved.
You better run little man 'cause we're on the move...

Identification Card
Missions Completed
D: 10 C: 4 B: 3 A: 1 S: 1

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Jayr Kyamalie [Jutsu List]
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