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 A leader's responsibility[Hinowa-nin only][No kill or maim]

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PostSubject: A leader's responsibility[Hinowa-nin only][No kill or maim]   Thu Apr 23, 2015 10:01 pm

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Itami stood with his back turned and leaning against the wooden rail on the roof of a building. He looked out over the rooftops of Hinowagakure from his high vantage point and admired the simple beauty of the exotic land. He had grown up seeing these sights and to him they looked normal, but Hinowagakure was a tourist attraction and considered an exotic beauty by outsiders. The lands surrounding the village were full of volcanic pools and exotic trees. The village was set in a bowl of the inactive volcano which shaped the land long ago- no one had worried about the volcano for several generations because it had become inactive and the villagers had become complacent. In generations before, there had been many lost lives from the unpredictable volcano, often the villagers had to abandon the village and rebuild parts of it after the calamities had subsided.

Itami thought about the volcano often, the village had become so complacent in their recent generations that they hardly considered that beneath them was an ocean of sleeping magma, just waiting for the right pressure or quake to awaken its molten fury on the unsuspecting villagers. Itami let his light blue gaze linger down the sides of the powerful mountains all around Hinowagakure. His eyes gradually fell to the ground near the base of the mountains, should the villagers need to evacuate Hinowagakure, swift travel through the mountain paths would be perilous and costly in valuable time.

Because they did not lead the village, the villagers did not concern themselves with such things. They blinded themselves to such discomforts and allowed themselves to continue their easy enjoyable lives. Itami was now the leader, a new leader to such a vast and rich village in such a perilous environment. It was his sworn duty to protect this village and should ever the volcano erupt again, it was his responsibility to buy his villagers as much time as possible. A village could be rebuilt, but the villagers were irreplaceable. Itami could still remember the long talks the previous Rakuenkage had with him: he had been young, a Jounin at the age of fifteen and only thought about completing his missions, he didn't put too much thought into the things the Rakuenkage had told him at the time. Looking back now, it made a lot more sense.

Itami took a step forward and away from the wooden banister, his white and black kage robes blowing in a warm breeze that wafted down from the mountains. He took a deep breath of the ash smelling wind and sighed softly. He took a few more steps towards the stairs on the side of the building and began to descent towards his people. The busy bustling streets of the village built atop rich volcanic never ceased with tourist attractions. His stomach grumbled as he reached the bottom step, realizing he had been up there for a few hours thinking by himself, he decided to get some food. His smile never seemed to fade, that smile lingered over to a ramen shop just across the street. He waved to the cooks and they waved back in a polite manner to their kage and began to prepare a clean seat for him. He crossed the street after a busy crowd passed and took a seat on the seat provided. A bowl of your spiciest curry please. he asked in a polite way. The cook nodded and anxiously began to cook. Itami looked around, hoping to see some of his shinobi about and enjoyable such a pleasant day in Hinowagakure.
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A leader's responsibility[Hinowa-nin only][No kill or maim]
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