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 Seidra, Kalko {WiP}

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Kalko Seidra

Kalko Seidra

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PostSubject: Seidra, Kalko {WiP}   Seidra, Kalko {WiP} I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2015 1:54 am

Seidra, Kalko {WiP} XmwwEVT

Name: かるコ生同等 {Kalko Seidra}
Age: 74
Birthdate: January 20
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Asexual.
Rank: Captain (A).

Village: Hanagakure no Sato.
Element(s): Seidra, Kalko {WiP} Yi47leQ Kohaton (Amber)
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu |
Special Characteristics:

Height: 5'6". He used to be taller, he swears it.
Weight: 145lb.
Hair Color: Grey, used to be dark brown.
Eye Color: A faded green.
General Description: Kalko has a very....feudal look to him. From his hakama to his loose-robe shirt, there is no doubt that this man came from a distant past. He wears underclothes in colder climes, and more hemmed garments on missions, giving him a bit of an austere air in the latter. His fingers are more wrinkled than his face, yet the latter....seems to contain something else. It would appear to be a sort of world-weariness, but his slightly emaciated neck and lower face say otherwise. He has forged a Devotion to the Land of Blossoms that he is sure will last far longer than he would be able to, and it certainly shows on him. His scars are innumerable, though naught on his face; his neck is almost completely scarred, his limbs and torso having suffered the same fate. A particular scar over his mid-left chest has a hardened look to it, and the surrounding area is green and yellow, seeming bruised.

His hair, while not suffering from thinning, does recede from what used to be his youthful hairline; it greys from his previous deep brown color. He normally keeps it tied back in a traditional fashion, adding to his overall air. However, on occasion, his granddaughter will offer her services in, as she says, "doing" it, and he happily obliges her. Not only this, but he happily struts this coiffure around, prideful of his dearest's... "art". His beard matches his hair, and only grows from his lower chin and his moustache area; notably, it receives the same treatment as the rest of his hair as well.

About You!
Personality: Kalko is probably the epitome of all stereotypical old men who have ever existed, and then a bit of himself along with it. There are many facets to a person, many layers, but just as onions grow, people also get stinkier more layers. Thus is Kalko's train of thought: Not only does he love analogies that work in the oddest way, he is also quite irritable by the smallest things. One hair off of his beard getting plucked out, for instance, will ruin his entire day, likely. Another peeve: he deplores every occurrence of other people setting foot on his property (truthfully, he has not much of it that is publicly accessible, but....). It is often that civilians incur but a fraction of his true wrath by stepping ever.....too....far... onto his walkway. However, his personal gripes (aside from the directly aforementioned) generally do not get in the way of his interactions with others; that is, his utmost is put toward not ruining other people's days in most situations.

One would think a captain would be any modicum of brutish; however, Cpt. Seidra talks softly, and with great care for others in his words; the passions sway him very little in his present days, and as such he is a bit of an involuntary pragmatist, of sorts. However, he is not wont to guzzle knowledge like one would presume a logical thinker to do; he much prefers leaving at least a few of life's mysteries unthought of, only wondered on.

He has a great affinity for collecting things from the natural world, either to keep in his own zen-garden or to give to his granddaughter Moe. His favorites are river-polished stones and flowers, for each respective destination. Likewise, Kalko enjoys nothing more than quiet walks out in unoccupied areas. He feels it gives him time to do something that, at least to him, is essential to happiness.

That is, he makes an active effort to silence his mind. Not only does it clarify his judgement of others, he finds it a key factor in maintaining his captain status even in his old age - that is, he is able to clear out extraneous factors in whatever decisions he might have to make. In his less-stressful, every-day doings, however, this may lead to more than one small shortcoming. More than once is the time that he has simply stammered "Eh, what?" as his response to any number of questions, simply because he naturally tunes almost everyone out if it doesn't seem important to them or urgent.

Another thing about Captain Seidra: he is observant to the utmost. He never misses a thing, and would have what others know as 'zanshin', having a mind without a mind. He is not tied down by his own ego and lets his intuition conduct him. One may or may not be able to call him an empath; he may seem it, but his secret would be that he knows the physical tell-tales for every human emotion and reaction to date. Some of the more esoteric rumors surrounding him say he's precognitive. Rumors they only are, of course.

He readily admits his age, and all the complications that come with it; he sees age as nothing to insult him about, and can easily keep his cool when it's mentioned, even in jest. He can even turn it against others, on occasion, as his own personal -if only playful- payback for being jested at, himself. As he is old, he rather detests conflict, and is less anxious about it happening than disappointed. His greatest desire is to avert disputes, and even his most dangerous maneuvers usually are not fatal unless he tries. His martial arts, once the heaviest hits in the country, have now entirely switched to the internal, using the opponent's strength against him (he will not admit this is because of his own declining brawn).

History: 1000 words. [spoiler=Birth, Early Life]Kalko's origins were--and still are--much more than humble. His mother: a nameless rank-and-file that enlisted in the forces without hesitation, not even one week after being enlisted. The young boy never saw anything of his mother. He supposed that his feelings of honor and pride were a bit nullified by his own chagrin at being abandoned. His father gave him feelings that were no better, however. Kalko was not abused, physcially nor emotionally. At least, his father never meant this.

Such was the first few years of his life: rather alone, rather dull. As much of an unlearned genius that he was,

[spoiler=Service]In times of hardship, Kalko would often treat food as a need only secondary to survival. He frequently donated his rations to the wounded, or others who needed a bit of help more than he needed a simple full stomach. More than a few times did he do this, and to this day he wonders if his current physical state was affected by his previous generosity.

RP Sample: A zen-garden, not very ornate, noticeably hand-crafted....this is where he spent most of his unoccupied hours, these days. Far enough from the streets that he could clear his thoughts. A grunt came from Captain Seidra of Hanagakure. There was one persisting, today. A thought, that would be.

What can I do with the time I have.... The door opens, and slams shut. Not in the meaningful, passionate way, only that no effort was made to guide it closed. He turns only his head around to face the only person he could have reasonably guessed it to be.

"It's been too long, my dear." He faintly smiles, his eyes closed and his wrinkles intensifying.

"Grampa Kalko, it's only been two days. How can you not remember I came over two days ago?!" A huff, crossed arms and furrowed brows.

"I'm terribly sorry, m'Moe. I suppose it's become too routine for my old mind to latch onto. I'm sure I keep those cherished memories somewhere, ehehe." The laughter trailed off.

His face burned not with shame, but with giddiness. The emotion that the later generations felt....it was good for him to absorb a bit of that, from time to time. Through the redbuds and

And... Malus floribunda. He couldn't bring the common name to mind. Naught to worry on.

The crowns of the trees heralded a partly cloudy sky, a beautiful frame for a beautiful sight. Ah, his Moe called him again.

Maybe today would be a bit more memorable.

He rose, and took his daughter's hand without even looking at it. Perhaps he had ingrained that precious time with her somewhere. The gong sounded, he gave her a kiss on the forehead and rushed out. She was a big girl, she knew what to do at these times.

Faceclaim: Engo from The Twelve Kingdoms.
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Seidra, Kalko {WiP}
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