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 Into the Myst

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PostSubject: Into the Myst   Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:49 pm


Ageless spirits may again bless or curse, and an endless war may finally end. In a world where to be alone is to be vulnerable, days are a fleeting minute with endless choices. War or peace? Wisdom or madness? Life or death? Love or vengeance? What will you have? What will you do in a realm you can enter...

... but never leave.[/center]

  • Open for over one year!
  • Realistic wolves, fantasy setting
  • Create your own pack
  • Earn unique blessings from powerful Spirits
  • Character-driven stories mix with overarching events
  • Basic, optional shop for a unique character appearance
  • Word Count: 100
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Into the Myst
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