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 Animorphs: A Second Chance [LB]

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Leona Cabbell

PostSubject: Animorphs: A Second Chance [LB]   Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:32 am

“It would seem our little game has ended in a draw, Ellimist.”
“A draw?  It seems to me I’ve beaten you, Crayak.”
“You’ve lost your key players to take out mine.  I call that a draw.  Truly a pity; there are so many pawns I have yet to use, and I’m sure you had a few up your sleeve as well…”
“Well then—what do you propose?”
“A second game.  I quite enjoyed these pawns, after all; let’s play them again.”

Time is linear, that’s what we’re taught.  But what if time could be turned back?  What if events could be replayed?  What if things could be changed?

Would you help save the world?  Or would you aid in its destruction?

Animorphs:  A Second Chance is an alternate universe, modern-day roleplay based off the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate.

  • No word-count
  • Freestyle application with no waiting on approval
  • Liquid time
  • Play-by-post, text-based Jcink forum
  • Custom species welcome

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Animorphs: A Second Chance [LB]
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