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 re:DISGAEA - Guys, stop fighting! Someone's about to read!

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PostSubject: re:DISGAEA - Guys, stop fighting! Someone's about to read!   Sun Apr 19, 2015 9:37 pm

Disgaea AU roleplay, no WC, stat-based, laid back...
Very laid-back. In terms of plot anyway. I guess people call that a sandbox?

Destructive Demon: Come over to the demon side! We smash things for fun!

"Humanitarian" Human: No, the human side! You're humans right?

"Affable" Angel: Well, we angels have an organized army!

Gargling Gargantuan: Blaargarblgar!

Totally-Not-The-Overlord: Let's all get along, we don't want to scare off the new ones dood.

Destructive Demon: Yeah, new demons are always welcome so get off our backs!

"Humanitarian" Human: New demons? Who wants more demons in this demon-infested world?

"Affable" Angel: If anything, we need more angels to help get rid of the rabid vermin. Not you demons, the other ones, the ones that don't talk.

Gargling Gargantuan: Grrblargl...

Totally-Not-The-Overlord: [sighs] No, he's not talking about you guys, you're nice!
[turns to reader]
Err, welcome! We're not always like this, I promise dood!
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re:DISGAEA - Guys, stop fighting! Someone's about to read!
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