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 Ryosuke Hikaru WIP

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Ryosuke Hikaru WIP Bleach_urahara_kisuke_1_by_nazgul1-d2xuxym

Name: Hikaru Ryosuke
Age: 23
Birthdate: Aug. 11
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Rank: Hm.... I'll have staff decide

  • Primary: Medical
  • Secondary: Locked Ninjutsu
  • Tertiary: Locked Taijutsu
  • Quaternary: Locked Senjutsu
Special Characteristics:
  • Name: Hemochromatosis
    Type: Tier 2
    Description: 'Suke has an unnatural amount of iron in his body due to the genetic carrier and breakdown of his long family line. This however is not a bad thing aside from the weight and abnormal height it creates. The iron allows for one to actually become a polarization field of sorts, constantly able to know the direction of north due to the field that this intensive iron in the body reacts to. This also means metallic objects in nature with magnetic properties are quite repulsive to him, allowing for them to not really enjoy being in close nature with him. This means no iron made items may be possessed by Suke, and in turn he cannot be hit by C-rank iron content items either except by those of a weapon specialist whom can break past the repel situation.
  • Name:

Height: 6ft 8inch
Weight: 225lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
General Description: Ryosuke possesses a different amount of colors about his body in some ways that are most unorthodox and unnatural. His hair is blonde and glossy, possessing a fine feel to it in ways most abnormal to the very feel of the wear of his body. Skin possessing a chalky color to it in his paled form of skin tone as opposed to other's of his family as their skin is dark. The colors from this are also eminent in his gray eyes of very dull proportions, proposing the natural idea that he cares little for most of what is around him. This is untrue of course but these are the colors to what exactly he appears as given his hair atop his head in a messy atmosphere.

His face his gentle, actually his entire appearance is structured around being gentle given his height can be at most times very daunting. The body structure being quite lithe in its ways that aren't abnormal while muscles are still under all the skin. The scraggly hair for a scruffy beard also is something of a shaggy appearance but it is still there and only makes him appear that much more wholesome. The face possesses an appearance of some bizarre item as there is the oddity of which Ryosuke possesses the welcoming appearance. His eyes small, narrow, and at the same instance they are quite formulative with a bit of curiosity to the face.

The body possesses a few marks, each one hosting a different continuum to them that provides an oddity in and of itself to the same regard. The First is the scar that runs from the corner of her right shoulder downwards in a vertical line from there to his hip, a scar that hosts a very pink hue to it. This scar was one he received from his first battle side medical emergency. The next being an electrical scar tissue found directly three inches left of his lower back's center, also known as the sweet spot, as this is where Ryosuke appears more akin to being localized. The number of scars will surely increase as his days as a medic are not ended yet.

The family genetic structure and stature compared to his body are of two different things. The first is his body possessing more iron than natural, as the thirty extra pounds at his spine has made his body heavier, to the point of being 225 lbs from his normally too slim weight. Moving onwards, Ryosuke is in the finding that he now hosts a tattoo, this tattoo being at the base of his neck directly at the nape of it. The tattoo is something all of his family possess as they were once slaves in the dire times of such space. This livelihood has consisted in having his neck's nape only appear that much more at harm given the distinct atmosphere that he hosts.

His clothing is something different in all manners of what is known in the world around him as the clothing is hosted by a shihakushō robes with hakama pants. These robes and clothes are black, the undershirt being green while the clothing is of an airy sense to allow it to breath in the damp wet land he lives in. The weaponry he possesses is all among his body, in different spots. A sword would be found at his left hip, a grouping of a different weapons assorted through his bodily frame. There is a single sash of the drunk fist warriors around his body, the sash never being washed while everything on him and he himself get washed just out of purity.

About You!
Personality: This individual possesses a persona that is almost unorthodox in the makings and mannerisms of what one can expect. Hikaru possesses an innate prospect of a code of chivalry, a chivalry that has led his life on to becoming quite the prospective medic. His nature of upholding the most elegant of rules on life were most necessary for him to follow in his line of work. Protect the innocent at any cost, and due to the need of any cost his reasoning may well be locked in every manner of being. This nature projects itself though, his ideal destiny of helping others aided and lead to succumbing to the needs of protection.

With this much known and said, it goes on to something further as to know that he has a very absolute thought process. He is unique by matter of speaking that his refined taste of sin is that of the opponent's blood. He will purify blood from the sinner's body, normally from the ripped out heart but not always. This act is a cleansing one, one of such mad aching that it undergoes something akin to a ritual now that Ryosuke joined up with a curious group of demon/witch hunters. Moving from this, in battle he is a trained fighter, a survivor, but furthermore a suicidal maniac for wanting to heal right in the middle of a battle. For that he is trained in verses of self protection but also the preservation of those around him.

Now knowing his code of conduct and following suit the nature of his outer shell all that is left is the way he treats others. That is the matter of high discussion as it depends greatly upon individual however needless to say he treats them equally and with good reverence. Loyalty to his village is met with loyalty to the individuals, where as betrayers are then obliged to be betrayed by his slip of medical hand. The arts and natures of the other individuals however comes up shy in some regards, the most notable being where villages are against another village. Ryosuke bares and holds no grudges on those of other villages unless they turn on him or the Hidden Village as that sparks the ignition of discord.

In times of passion, Ryosuke is a hopeless loss and yet a romantic at that. His idea of romance is candle light, full moons, soft playing music, and all what a generalized public would call a feminized viewpoint. However to him, he enjoys that stuff because of his feline-esquire nature. He can be a bastard at times, cruel and unusual in word and voice to someone he feels love to, but that is like anyone who had gone to high school, hate and love are two sides of the same coin. His natural familiarity of love is to that of females, females who need no checklist to fill to be perfect in his eyes as none can ever be truly perfect as he has come to believe.

Moving on, Ryosuke hosts a specific difference from others in terms of friendship, anyone and everyone can be a friend however it is not that easy to become one. Hell, becoming a lover is easier than a friend as he is one with very few friends, for the notice he only possesses two friends to date. Friends are those that must survive battle of some kind with one's own. He became a healer for that reason and it was to heal others and make them friends on or in the future to the occurrence he was required to heal them upon. Such a stature, friends are those who are also survivors and for that reason they are the only true friends he will make in this day and age.

When it comes to his code, there is a line of thought one must undergo with such ideology. With him, there is only so much he can do. The seven virtues being chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. The verse side being the sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. He for the utmost has humility, diligence, chastity, and kindness mastered. The others being a constant battle on the inside for his own soul. Everyone is not without sin, and to house a virtue only leads to being hosed by sin that much further. In his case: gluttony, greed, and wrath. These are not in the common folk senses, the greed not so much for money and power but greed for knowledge. The gluttony as he is a glutton for punishment rather than just food, and wrath houses his mind for only a few cases, cases that test his patience to higher extremes than he can hold out.

Once achieving the position he has now, one can say he has mellowed out on everyone being worthy of being a friend to him. He is disgusted with the way his village is at the current time so therefore he has a harsh awakening for those within his village and furthermore despises the corrupt whom made it this way. Once having learned the secrets he also has begun to absolutely hate and furthermore want to decimate those who have kept such things away from the eyes of those better suited to fix the problems. It is for these reasons he has a vendetta in mind, one he will utilize to the fullest regard if necessary. Men, women, children... All may pay the price for the secret held but none shall live in that fear after he is done, it is his way of thinking and will be done.

History: Hikaru was born in the midst of a land he is very unfamiliar with, his own knowledgeable sense coming into play at a young age as he was enslaved like his parents beyond him. The two are quite a shame, the possessing of these are moderately odd as well in such a matter. Hikaru's telltale thought came through, Hikaru being named Hikaru Suke, the name of his servitude as he now doesn't use it for as long as he possibly can since his escape. No matter, his parents were avidly gracious in their making of the odd boy who was even odder as he was born with no real perception or akin make as what he was like this time. The young boy born into the clan however his powers sealed at birth as it would seem.

Through the unsealing he was capable of escaping even as a small child, the escape being ever easier when having a complexion and body unlike others of the enslaved family in the same regard. He escaped from the prisons that held him, his gripping telltale heart ever grew stronger, his rushing change led him to moving on out to the oddity. With this oddity, he found himself struggling through the difficult terrains before getting to the a Hidden Village by some off chance. It was here he learned the arts of a shinobi, the learning of how one can become a proper shinobi. This learning was done at the academy, where he also became entrusted to the hearts of the Dezz family of a rather unknown shrine.

He had told the Kage his story on the escape roughly as a child's memory could possess. The escape consisting of many twists and turns, a facing of clearheaded ability yet the faults of failure on what was around him. This trailing, he came along and found his trail through the difficult lands to the points of now where he is making himself a name. A name to guide and strengthen himself to the needs of what he was now. The very strengthening of the strong and willful life he now led onwards. As he grew older there were a couple habits he became greatly aware of in the nature of the line of work he undergone as aging he did.

With a subtle mind, this young man hit puberty at an even earlier age and it was from this age that he found something odd. His pubescence period was stronger and much larger, having his body grow ever taller from quite the growth spurt. The growing he hosts, his age making him only that much odder given his body growing to such heights. Weight gain and height all coming along and made him ever changing up the very areas one could notably hold dear to them. His acceptance though was no small feat after the growth spurts as a good plenty failings came along and posted him at a critical point.

By the point he turned fifteen, he already appeared at the younger ages of the twenties to such extent there were luxuries he did not avoid. First of them is smoking, and with that he soon learned a clan with arts from this very interesting partition of smoking. This very tithing, he learned more now though as also he started drinking one year later, a way to forget the memories of his enslavement. Slavery was something he abhorred, and did not want anything more to do with that so thereby he is who he is now and will continue on with that. Two vices, what will come next to this unusual shinobi?

Living in the world of vice Hikaru changed his name to Ryosuke upon being found by a clan of pure holy light, rather two families. Both proud to be hosting this name strongly while finding that he himself was ever so much weirder in this nature on their scripts. The first was the Dezz family branch of the holy shrines, through them he found what it meant to be a pacifist angel, what started him on route to medicine. The second of these was the graces of his demon hunting host in the arts of his own nature. Entered into the hunter clan of demons and otherworldly beings. This is the nature of his life, and continuing onwards he trained under both with great tutelage, especially the arts of the the second family.

As the years passed, Ryosuke trained that much harder and learning all he could to be the perfect defense and grand individual of the land. His new home coming along and housing him and he could never be ever more grateful for its generosity. He continued to learn, hosting his closer mastery over the medicinal arts and those of the holy all together, hosting him to do what he could with what he had. In the training travels, he found way to training under a tutor of the sword arts of the wakizachi as well, hosted in the land of such past, just a short walk from the border where he now lives believe it or not is the dojo.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Urahara Kisuke from Bleach

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Ryosuke Hikaru WIP
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