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 Toru, Zeisei

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PostSubject: Toru, Zeisei   Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:06 pm


Name: Toru, Zeisei
Previous Surnames: Sagawa, Hiroi

Age: 9
Birthdate: August 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: [N/A]
Rank: D-rank

Village: [N/A]
Element(s): Doton
Specialties: Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:




Height: 4'9"
Weight: 106 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark brown
General Description: Like his brother Hone, Zeisei is also a child who is on the smaller spectrum, though not in the manner of being short for his age like his brother. Instead, it is that he is very thin and seems to have a hard time keeping weight on. Despite not being blood related to Hone, he is very similar in appearance to the other boy.  He's got a head of dark hair that frames his face, however unlike his brother, he doesn't have enough hair to put it into a bun, preferring to keep it in a bob and cover it with a white bandana. However, while his brother's eyes are normally round with curiosity, his eyes are darker and more cynical than they should be for someone his age. On his skinny frame, he usually wears a traditional white tunic with green accents, and pants folded up past his ankles with red accents. On his feet, he wears sandals or goes barefoot, preferring being barefoot. However, sometimes he does where more delicately designed kimonos. His left ear is pierced and he wears a red tassel from it, and a red bracelet on his left wrist.

About You!

Personality: Gekkō  isn't really sure how to describe Zeisei anymore, without Sagi. The boy used to be bright, happy, full of life and curiosity, but since the day of the man who he had lived most of his life with, Zeisei has become a lot more sullen than he used to be. He now looks at the world with a more critical eye and is extremely hard to please. Yes, he is still a child and has moments of wonderment and happiness, but those are things that are few and far between now. Though Gekkō  hopes that he'll grow out of this temperament. Perhaps he is still mourning.

Still, there are things about his temperament that haven't changed. He is still an outgoing with others unlike Hone who is quite shy, and he's never afraid to introduce himself or talk their ears off, even if sometimes he seems to be critical of them.  He is also always a studious child, and he delights in being able to get his hand on a good book or sketchbook to pen his own notes or drawings in. And he shares in Hone's delight for beautiful trinkets, though he doesn't really understand the balloon thing. They make horrible noises when they pop.

History: Zeisei's past is one that is unknown to him. He does not know where he was originally from, he just knows that he was saved by Sagi when he was very little from certain death. He when he was only three years of age when Sagi came across his small and broken body and saved his life. Sometimes he's sure that it was a fire, because of nightmares that he has. But, he's never really sure what happened, and Sagi was never really forthcoming with him about what had truly happened to him. And, now Sagi is dead, so it is doubtful that he'll ever know since it has been years and years since then. Not that it matters, it's in the past and he is how Sagi raised him, even if his younger life twas tainted with darkness and blood like his brother's. He is content without knowing now. Sagi raised him kindly and made him feel special.

They traveled from temple to temple around different villages, performing and healing people's ailments together. Some people even thought that the horned boy with tails was a spirit that had grown attached to the world and taken a physical form. Zeisei didn't mind this at all because of his lacking memory. Maybe he was some sort of spirit. He could be after all. Perhaps Sagi had placed him in this body. The thought was nice, and it became part of his individual personality, taking it as what he truely was, even if it wasn't. It didn't really matter. He was a kid and he was having fun being spoiled as a 'spirit' or god. It was delightful. People kept giving him presents.

It was when he was six and they were in another village, that he and Sagi came across a boy who's name is Hone. He was near death, but Sagi took him and healed him, giving the boy a horn and pointed ears in the process, making him like Zeisei. This made Zeisei excited. He had another boy who was like himself now, and they became steadfast brothers. Now a family of three, the trio traveled around before finding themselves in Hinowagakure where the two boys watched their father develop a relationship with a man named Gekkō. For all intents and purposes they became a happy family, in a weird way. The boys devoting themselves to allowing their 'dads' to to work on them, and their fathers allowing them to train and ask questions, developing their skills. It was nice for a while until it came crashing down and ANBU attacked Sagi. One of the ANBU even turned out to be Gekkō. It had frightened the children, watching the adults fight, but it did influence the children to want to be better at what they did so that something like that wouldn't happen again.

After that... Sagi was dead and Gekkō  was a changed man, and now they were only three people. There was an empty hole in all their hearts where the man named Sagi was supposed to be, but they continued on. Gekkō  changed who he was and took the children away from the home that they had lived in for a few years, a nice temple, to travel again. And that's  what they're still doing now.

RP Sample: Zeisei was quite sure that he didn't like sand anymore. Sure, they'd gone to beaches to have plenty of fun there, but they'd been in this desert for days now, and it was horrible. Sand was everywhere, and it was getting in his clothes and in his sandals and it was awful and itchy. He hated it. How much longer were they going to be in this atrocious place? He sighed, shoulders sagging a little bit. Sagi would never have brought them to this horrible place. This was all Gekkō's fault, not that he blamed the man. They had to travel... and really some of the places that the man picked for them to go to weren't that bad. With a sigh, he kicked at the dirt from where he was sitting on a bench, taking a moment to mull over things. Really he shouldn't be sitting down though.

Hone had gone wandering off for the umpteenth time, curious about the new area that they were in and Gekkō had sent him after him. He needed to find his brother so that they could return to the little place that they had found to stay the night in. They'd probably be staying in this place just enough to replenish their funds before heading out again, unless Gekkō had other 'adult' things as he called them to deal with. Not that Zeisei knew why Gekkō kept anything from them anymore. The kids that tagged along with him were smart enough to know when things were going bad like they had in Hinowa with the death of Sagi and those ANBU. They had been there after all.

Another sigh escaped Zeisei as he stood up, giving the sand another vicious kick, creating another cloud of dust. He wanted to go back to Hinowa, to that temple that he Sagi and Hone had called home, and for a while, had called home with Gekkō too. He bit his lip, his sour mood kind of being added to by the disappearance of his brother. He crossed his arms as he moved, wandering forward and keeping his eyes pealed for the black and red clad other boy. Surely he wouldn't be too difficult to find dressed like that in this dusty place.

Faceclaim: Hakutaku from Hoozuki no Reitetsu

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PostSubject: Re: Toru, Zeisei   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:53 pm

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Toru, Zeisei
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