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 Toru, Hone

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PostSubject: Toru, Hone   Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:37 am


Name: Toru, Hone
Previous Surnames: Sagawa, Aiba

Age: 9
Birthdate: January 12
Gender: Male
Sexuality: [N/A]
Rank: D-rank

Village: [N/A]
Element(s): Katon
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Pointed Ears:



Height: 4'2"
Weight: 98 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Reddish brown
General Description: Hone is a relatively small and delicate child, used to being coddled by his adoptive father in recent years. However, he's not much different than other children his age in his energy levels despite perhaps being shorter. He's got a head of dark hair that frames his face and is tied up at the back of his head in a bun then covered. His eyes are bright and curious as he looks over the world, even though they have a darker note in them because of the red that distorts the brown in them. On his frame, he usually wears a traditional kimono, black with a red under kimono, and around his neck a teal necklace. On his feet, he wears flip flops usually.

About You!

Personality: Gekkō commonly describes Hone as a delightful child to have around, and he's grown quite fond of the boy who he now calls his son. Although there are darker notes in his history, Hone is a kind and sweet and hasn't really let that taint him, and it reminds Gekkō of himself as a child. Hone looks at the world in awe, eyes always wide with curiosity, asking questions when he can, though he does remain quiet a lot, making his own inspections and decisions on certain things. However, there is a certain amount of shyness that the boy displays in front of other people. While he is  comfortable and adventurous when he is on his own or when he is with his brother Zeisei, around other people who are much older than him he tends to linger back a bit because of his past. The only older person he tends to have any trust with is Gekkō and that's really only because he's taken the place of Sagi. If they weren't with Gekkō he and his brother would probably be alone now. Hone delights in simple things like balloons, and beautiful jewels.

History: Hone's past is not one that a child of his young age should have. Tainted with darkness and blood from the moment that he was born into this world. He was born into the world, and his mother died as he did. His father was an angry man at the loss of his wife, and he handed the baby over to a man he knew could use a boy to work for him. This man took Hone, and raised him. However, the man was not kind to the boy, beating and working him hard as soon as he was old enough to. This man did not allow him to go to school to receive an education by the age that he should have been able to. Hone, who was enraged by this man, decided that he was going to run away and find a better situation for himself by the time that he was six. This was when he met a kind man named Sagi.

Kind... is a matter of perspective however. There are those who would say that Sagi was a very bad man for his experiments, but in Hone's case, the man named Sagi saved his life and took him on as an apprentice. When he had run for it from the man who his father had given him to, he was in bad shape, and living on the streets had made his condition all the worse really. However, Sagi used his medical jutsu to heal him. However, it left Hone changed from that moment on. Sagi left him with a horn on his forehead and newly pointed ears. However, being a curious and happy child as he was, he was delighted to have the horn and ears. He felt that it made him look cool. And besides, the boy who was with Sagi, Zeisei thought it looked cool too.

Zeisei, who it turned out had also been helped by Sagi became his brother and the trio traveled around before finding themselves in Hinowagakure where the two boys watched their father develop a relationship with a man named Gekkō. For all intents and purposes they became a happy family, in a weird way. The boys devoting themselves to allowing their 'dads' to to work on them, and their fathers allowing them to train and ask questions, developing their skills. It was nice for a while until it came crashing down and ANBU attacked Sagi. One of the ANBU even turned out to be Gekkō. It had frightened the children, watching the adults fight, but it did influence the children to want to be better at what they did so that something like that wouldn't happen again.

After that... Sagi was dead and Gekkō  was a changed man, and now they were only three people. There was an empty hole in all their hearts where the man named Sagi was supposed to be, but they continued on. Gekkō  changed who he was and took the children away from the home that they had lived in for a few years, a nice temple, to travel again. And that's  what they're still doing now.

RP Sample: Hone had actually slipped away from his brother and father, his curiosity about this new place getting the better of him. It wasn't very common for him to really leave the side of his brother and father considering that he was rather shy in the presence of others. And, he knew that they probably wouldn't be too happy with him for slipping away ahead of them, but he was curious, and  his curiosity sometimes got the better of him and led him to exploring on his own. After all, this place didn't really seem to have many people. Anyway, there were places to hide if he needed to until he could get back to his little family that had developed. They'd been wandering around for some time now, and Sagi had taken he and Zeisei traveling, but he'd never really been to the desert before that he could remember and it was strange to him.

He found himself wandering for a while, even watching a butterfly as it flew past him. The same butterfly that a little girl had been following a moment before, not that he knew this. He blinked and let it's colors intrigue him, and he began to follow after it much like the little girl had done only moments before. Soft laughs escaped him as it changed directions, leading him in the direction of the two other children who were talking to each other. Enthralled by the butterfly, he only paused when they sounded very close, freezing for a moment before ducking into a bush and looking around through it's leaves who see who they were. He stared out at the pair and hoping that they hadn't really seen him although he had gotten quite close before having the realization that there were two people ahead of him.

Faceclaim: Hoozuki from Hoozuki no Reitetsu

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PostSubject: Re: Toru, Hone   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:53 pm

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Toru, Hone
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