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 Hell Biker? No, dust. [S Rank Mission][1,940 / 1,500]

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Hell Biker? No, dust. [S Rank Mission][1,940 / 1,500]   Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:35 pm

"Gooooood morning out there folks! It's seven A.M. here in lovely Amagakure and the sun is already shining. Your weather tod---"

Smash. The alarm clock hit the floor and as it did the sound of the radio anouncer was silenced. With a grumble and a groan Yukine turned her head, no longer leaving it stuffed face first into her pillow, and glared at the pieces of alarm clock now scattered all over the floor. "Crap.", Yukine mumbled into the empty dark room. That was just one more thing she was going to have to do today now: either repair the alarm clock or end up buying a new one if that failed. Given they were rather expenisve she was aiming for trying to repair the thing at some point instead of just throwing the bits and pieces into the garbage.

With a sigh Yukine rolled over until she was laying on her back, yawning as she reached up to rub at her eyes in a further attempt to wake herself up. Failing that she knew coffee would be needed before she could even attempt to act as a functioning member of society. Unwillingly she threw the blanket off of herself, the coldness of the room assaulting her skin and causing goosebumps to break out along her arms and legs. Ignoring this she stretched until her fingertips brushed the headboard and the points of her toes brushed the foot board. When her stretching ritual was over she sat up and dangled her legs over the bed until her head stopped spinning: she had done a lot of drinking the previous night and it was definitely still effecting her.

Yukine stood up, crossed her bedroom at a slow shuffle, and then into her livingroom. As another yawn escaped her she headed into the kitchen and pressed the ON button on her coffee pot. Thankfully, she had prepared everything the evening before, so the water began to heat up and the coffee began to brew and perculate. Yukine stood there, still in zombie mode, as the coffee pot slowly began to fill up with the black gold substance. It took all of about ten minutes, and after a few minutes of standing there she fumbled for a giant coffee cup, the creamer from the fridge, and some sugar and a spoon. When the coffee finished brewing she took the pot, poured herself a large cup, and then added the required cream and sugar until the substance resembled a light tan color. After a decent stir she leaned her back against the counter while holding the cup in both hands. She took her time sipping the coffee, giving it a chance to wake her up and energize her. When she was finished with her cup, and feel far more awake than she had been before, she put everything away and washed her cup out and the spoon off.

She headed back into her bedroom, going through the motions of stripping herself nude, jumping in the shower, washing up, drying off, and then getting dressed into her usual attire. As she stepped back out of her bedroom and into the living room, planning on watching some television, she found that there were a scroll sitting on her coffee table that hadn't been there before. With a chuckle she walked over and picked it up. A burst of chakra broke the seal and she unrolled it, reading the contents that it entailed as eyebrows rose in surprise and curiosity: apparently there was a biker, a skeleton like figure, that was going around causing mass destruction. He had been responsible for the destruction several minor villages and apparently his path of danger and destruction had finally made it to the outskirts of Amagakure no Sato. Given that a lot of the destruction that he was causing was fire based, she assumed it was easy to gues that that was his preferred element - perhaps his only. Yukine had just been granted the task of riding the world of this evil demonic fiend, or at lest sending him back to where he came from for the time being.

Figuring that there was no time to lose she made quick work on gathering up all of her gear; she would be using everything in her posession for this. This was classified as an S-Rank mission and therefore the chances that this hell biker was going to be dangerous were exceptionally high. She wasn't going to go into this rushing head first, no this would have to be taken care of with meticulous planning and extreme care. No point in getting herself in trouble, or worse, killed. Once her stuff was ready, her shadow armor, ANBU cloak, and the rest on, she headed out her front door and directly towards where the report said this hell biker was last sighted. As she moved, traversing the distance between her house and the village gates via the rooftops she could smell on the wind the distinct smell of burning wood. As she neared, using her current height to her advantage, she could spot what was clearly flames shooting up from several nearby houses. The panicked screams of adults and the crying of children reached her ears next. Something was definitely causing all kinds of havoc nearby and she knew she needed to hurry before someone died; that is if no one had already.

When Yukine reached the the appropriate destination she found herself staring at quite a sight: buildings were on fire, people were running and screaming in their attempt to flee some skeleton like being that was riding around on a bike. The bike was leaving a trail of fire in its wake, and the maniac on the bike was laughing his head off as he chased after several young children before they managed to make their way between two boulders right as he was about to reach them. This bastard needed stopped, and she was going to make sure she did it.

"Oi! Bastard on the bike! Why don't you pick on someone who will actually fight back? Or are you only able to pick on this weaker than you because like your phallus your ego is too tiny to withstand a challenge?" Oh, Yukine knew she was pushing buttons, but she wanted to ensure that this hell biker's focus was completely and totally on her instead of anyone else: this way the people could escape before anymore lives were lost, and anymore property damage was caused. Sure enough the skeleton being turned his attention onto her, revving his bike and laughing like a absolute maniac.

"You challenge me, girl? I'll enjoy breaking you!" Yukine jumped from the roof top that she had been on and down to the ground as the hell biker kept revving his bike. Upon her feet reaching the ground the skeleton being came speeding straight towards her. He was fast with his A-2 speed and yet she was faster with her SS-3 speed. It was enough of a difference to ensure she was able to remain where she was until the very last second. When this last second came she would dive to the left and out of the way, leaving the hell biker to go crashing right into the burning house behind her. While she figured that the crash wouldn't kill the hell biker she did figure it would at least remove the bike from the equation.

Sure enough, she could hear from the fire a yell of rage among the sounds of the skeleton being attempting to start his bike which was dead now thanks to the crash. The hell biker's rage was so great that he ripped off a chunk of the house; a good heafty size of wood from the wall; and threw it through the flames and directly in Yukine's direction. Yukine dived out of the way, once more thankful for her SS-3 speed that allowed her to dodge with plenty time to spare, thus avoiding the nasty flames that had coated the board. Following this several more fireballs were launched from the flames, fire jutsu that apparently the skeleton knew. Yukine dodged these as well, though they struck the structures behind her and ignited them in flames. "Son of a bitch.", Yukine growled, angered over the sheer damage that this creature was causing her village.

"Did I getcha, girly?", came the skeleton's taunting voice followed by an insane peal of giggles and laughter. He was enjoying himself just too much.

"You wish.", Yukine retorted. The skeleton hell biker walked out of the flaming rubble of the house, clearly uneffected by the fire. Given that his form was nothing more than sleketon the majority of Yukine's jutsu likely wouldn't work on him; she couldn't pierce him with shadows, nor use a variety of her other techniques. However, there was something she could do - even bone could be crushed to ash, right? Still, she was going to have to play this smart; her shadows weren't going to work all that well with the guy on fire. No, the first thing she would have to do was settle the fire issue and then she could put her coffin plan to work.

Nearby was a lake, she knew it well because she had spent a good portion of her time there. Therefore, all she needed to do was get the demonic looking beast over there and then she would be able to hopefully knock him into it - or that was the plan at least.

"I'm going to kill you, girly. Nice and slow. I'm going to enjoy it too."

Yukine, deciding that taunting him back was for the best for this plan, cackled. "Catch me if you can, ugly!", Yukine called out suddenly before taking off straight towards the lake. Just like she had been hoping the skeleton decided to give chase. When she neared the lake she skidded to a stop; she knew that if she ran straight towards it he would get the idea of what she was doing. Therefore she waited until he stopped and then went to move around him which caused him to swlvel and turn. In a quick move she picked up a nearby log and sent it hurtling towards the skeleton. Given their difference in strength and speed she was able to hit him with it before he could dodge and with enough force to send him flying backward with the log and into the water with a splash, dousing his fire.

The sleketon emerged, wet, and pissed. With a yell of rage he charged toward her, and that's precisely what Yukine was waiting for. As the man neared she called forth her shadow, gathering it to her and stretching it out. Once the skeleton was within reach she lifted her hand, causing her shadow to rise as well and converge on the hell biker. She would close her hand then suddenly, his lack of flesh, tissue, and muscle meaning that his bones broke with relative ease until everything was ground down to bone dust, ending the beast and his reign of terror.

Slowly she returned her shadow to normal, leaving behind nothing more than a pile of useless dust where an enemy had once stood. Yukine stared at the spot for a moment, half expecting to see it rise up and form into the beast again, but no such thing happened. After a moment she turned and headed back to the village, planning on cordinating the clean up now that the hell biker was defeated.

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Word Count: 1,940 / 1,500

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Hell Biker? No, dust. [S Rank Mission][1,940 / 1,500]
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