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 Escorting [C Rank Mission][600 / 250]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Escorting [C Rank Mission][600 / 250]   Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:12 am

Protection Mission - Escort the Ninja:

Yukine tended to take her orders without questioning them which was precisely why when she was handed a C rank mission scroll she didn't question it. If she was being given something like this then there was a reason behind it. Sure enough, after reading over what the exacct task was she was being given, she could understand why it was her instead of some random Genin. The individual she was to be escorting was an individual whom they were trying to establish good relations with, and it certainly wouldn't bode well if the leader of the minor village was to be struck down and killed while venturing home from Amagakure no Sato.

She was to meet this individual at the village gates within the lower portion of the village, and escort him to the entrance to his own village. Given the rank of the mission she assumed they weren't expecting trouble, but she was going to keep her eyes open nonetheless. She was not going to lose someone on her watch, she'd be damned before she allowed that to happen. Without wasting time Yukine made it to the meeting point, finding the man she was to be escorting standing nearby with a small shoulder bag and clearly waiting for her. After approaching she would pause, and give a respectful bow of her head. "Hello. My name is Yukine Kishou. I'll be escorting you home."

"Excellent. Simply splendid. Shall we go?" Yukine nodded, falling silent as she walked through the village gates and headed on her way. She kept some distance between herself and the young leader so that she would better be able to protect him. While he was humming and his mind looked to be wandering further away from him with each step Yukine was keeping her focus around them. So far nothing was out of the ordinary, and the majority of the trip went off without a hitch.

However, as they neared the young leader's village she picked up on the fact that they were being suddenly followed by two individuals. With the way they were moving, the fact that they were obviously trying to make as little noise as possible, she assumed they meant trouble. Sure enough, as they reached the village gates, the two missing nin made themselves known. "Stop right there, or die!"

Yukine glanced over to the young leader and nodded with her head towards the village gates. The young leader didn't need to be told twice and turned, rushing into what was the safety of his village while leaving Yukine behind to deal with the two missing nin. Yukine didn't respond verbally, she wasn't going to waste her words on these two, and instead she waited for them to rush towards her which they did with gusto. As they got within range Yukine manipulated her shadow into several needle like spikes that then solidified themselves. Before the two missing nin could stop her she pierced them with this needles, using the Shadow Sewing Technique to pierce vital organs with ease. It was over within seconds and she retracted the shadows, canceling the jutsu, as the pair of missing nin hit the floor. If they were still alive they wouldn't be for long, but their lack of movement and screams of agonizing pain informed Yukine that they were already dead.

Shaking her head Yukine turned and headed back to her village, off to report in to Ramza on both getting the young leader back to his village, as well as the failed attempt that had been made against his life.

Jutsu and Chakra:

Word Count: 600 / 250

Words Carry Weight
Mine far moreso than yours
Fortunately for you
I've come bearing the word of my god.
Unfortunately for you
That word is
"Begone Guest."

Missions Completed:
D: 8 C: 2 B: 1 A: 2 S: 1
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Escorting [C Rank Mission][600 / 250]
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