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 Eye of the Wolf [Jutsu Training]

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PostSubject: Eye of the Wolf [Jutsu Training]   Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:44 pm



©2013 caliburn

Okami woke up that day with a feeling of dread in his stomach. Today was the day he set foot in the realm of legends. He had invented his own S-Ranked jutsu, creating it from scratch and scrolls that littered the floor of his small hotel room. It was a Doujutsu, so it was one of the hardest to perform. However, with the seal that was in his left eye, he might be able to manage it. Might being the key word there, mind you, but there was a chance he would survive. By his calculations, he would most likely die in the final test of this jutsu, but if he didn't...No. No getting ahead of himself. Packing up his belongings, he left a note on his room's bed. If he didn't make it back from the forest alive, that note would be the only thing explaining where he'd disappeared to. It was a quick read, explaining where he'd gone and that he was testing out a new jutsu. Simple enough, really, and it didn't need much explanation anyway.

Walking out the door, he smiled. It really was good to be alive. Walking out into the forest, he went a little ways until he found a clearing that he liked. Standing in the middle, he opened the first scroll. Reading it quickly, he deciphered his own text in a matter of seconds. It was simple yet effective; Keeping others from learning this Doujutsu was a must, as not only did it hold unlimited potential in combat, it was downright dangerous to use. Even if he survived, Okami feared he'd go blind from using it too much, or too frequently. Hell, he might just go blind from trying it. The first scroll was the description of the jutsu. It would be a chakra cloak of massive proportions, easily ten meters high and twenty five meters long. The sheer size of the thing would fill the clearing easily. The cloak itself would take the form of a dire wolf, and Okami had done this on purpose. He supposed it could have been a massive samurai or something, but he decided the personal touch was worth it.

The second scroll was the important one, as it held the cipher for the third. Without that one, the scrolls were useless. Opening the seemingly-blank third scroll, he burnt the second scroll with a small amount of Fire chakra and sprinkled the ashes upon the third scroll. Rubbing the carbon in, the ink soon became visible due to the special properties of the paper used. Reading the third scroll, it told him exactly the proportions of chakra to use, and the relevant hand seal, Tiger. Sighing and memorizing the lot of it, he swiftly used more Fire chakra to burn the third scroll. Pocketing the first as reference, he settled down, standing for a moment before molding chakra behind his left eye. Forming the Tiger hand seal, he spoke loudly, firmly. "Fundo Fenrir no Shisen!"

Black chakra enveloped Okami as a wolf's head exploded into being around him. Raising it's head into the air, the great wolf growled and howled, Okami settling between the shoulder blades at the perfect spot. He felt his eye begin to bleed, which confirmed his sneaking suspicions. He would most likely go blind once the jutsu was done. As it was, the unsettling sensation was causing light pain, and he quickly canceled the jutsu. His vision went cloudy and filled with stars for a moment as he was lowered to the ground. Stumbling out of the clearing, he found the trail he had followed and ran to town, hoping he wouldn't need medical attention but knowing in his heart he was going blind. The moment he burst into the hospital, blood running down his eye, the doctor sat him down and looked into it. Thank Susano'o, Okami though as the medic sighed, explaining that it was only temporary and that he would be better soon. All in all, he thought, today was a success.
technique log

Name: Fundo Fenrir no Shisen (Wrathful Fenrir's Gaze)
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Doujutsu || Offensive || Defensive
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: -50 chakra per post
Cooldown: Duration + 8
Description: By using this jutsu, Okami channels chakra through his left eye, causing black chakra to surge around him to form a massive wolf with him in the center of the head. This wolf is ten meters tall and twenty five meters long. It's Strength, Speed, and Endurace are equal to Okami's + 3. Okami uses his left eye to control the beast, with control lasting for as long as he has chakra and the will to continue. The chakra forms a shell around Okami, enduring all jutsu below B-Rank, 5 A-Rank, or one S-Rank jutsu before shattering. One single SS-Ranked jutsu will break it instantly. When the jutsu is broken or has been canceled, Okami will temporarily go blind in his left eye for a length of posts equal to the cooldown period. The entire time the jutsu is active, Okami will bleed out of his eye, and the blood will only stop when the jutsuis canceled or has been broken. This is purely cosmetic, and symbolizes the blindness that follows using this technique.
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Eye of the Wolf [Jutsu Training]
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