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 Mortal Kombat RPG

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PostSubject: Mortal Kombat RPG   Thu Dec 03, 2015 9:25 pm

[Index | Plot | Premise | Sacred Rules | Canon List]

An Emperor from another realm of magic and sorcery wants to invade an unsuspecting modern Earth, but the Elder Gods say he can't unless his chosen warriors beat a team of Earth’s top combatants, in the sacred tournament called Mortal Kombat! You will be given the choice to defend the Earthrealm, or join the Outworld invasion.

Mortal Kombat has over sixty canon characters, and we are accepting originals. We do not require a word count, and have tried to make our application as stress free as possible. This is a very relaxed and fun community, especially for being based in a world of bloodshed and chaos!

The Earthrealm enjoyed a brief moment of peace, because an invasion was prevented, after its warriors defeated the Emperor of Outworld’s team and sorcerer at the Mortal Kombat tournament. However, due to certain events that transpired at the tournament; the Shirai Ryu Ninja clan have returned, and because of this their sworn enemy the Lin Kuei have started their cyber initiative plans ahead of schedule. In order to achieve these means the Lin Kuei have broken an agreement with the Black Dragon faction, and have stolen black market technology to create an army of cybernetic killing machines.
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Mortal Kombat RPG
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