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 Okami [Locker]

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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Okami [Locker]   Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:38 pm

Ochita, the Heavenly Dragon:

Item: Kunai
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per kunai. Available in packs of 10 for 100 Ryo.
Description: The kunai, or throwing knife, is one of the
most common tools of the shinobi, as it is useful for both close quarters and long range combat, as well as being used in conjunction with other materials such as explosive tags or wire to form deadly combinations.

Item: Shuriken
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per shuriken. Available in packs of 10 for 150 Ryo.
Description: The Shuriken, or throwing star, is a common long range projectile weapon of the shinobi.

Item: Wire
Rank: D
Quantity: 100 feet
Price: 150 Ryo per 100 feet.
Description: Wire is a common utility tool among shinobi, as it has countless uses. These highly durable strings are able to be used to Rappel, manipulate weaponry, bind an opponents movement, as tripwire and countless other things. They are limited only by your imagination.

Item: Kunai Blades
Rank: C
Quantity: 1
Price: 300 Ryo per blade.
Description: They have the general appearance of kunai with similar bases, but the blades instead are curved, elongated and single-edged, giving them similar appearance and function to swords. Each of the blades has a small hole right near its long, bandaged hilt, which at its edge sports a larger versions of the standard ring all kunai have.

Item: Fine Katana
Rank: B
Quantity: 1
Price: 900 Ryo each
Description: This high quality katana, comprisoned of a core of Ferrite, and an edge of martensite, this blade has both a solid core and a potent cutting edge, and is vastly superior to it's rusty comrade. The katana averages 73 cm in length, or 28.5 inches.

Name: Ancient Shinobi Garb
Type: Armor
Rank: S
Upgrade Slots: 2/3
Affinities: Ninjutsu
Description: Okami's family is a clan that has been around since the time before the Great Wars, and this armor, found by Okami while exploring an old tomb marked with his family's crest, proves this fact. Made using methods unknown to modern smiths, using materials that boost the wearer's skill in Ninjutsu, this armor is the epitome of the skills of the ancient world. The only man who could possibly recreate this is an old smith on a small island on the outskirts of Amagakure, and even he requires materials one must kill to get. This armor is made up of chakra-infused steel breastplate, shoulders, and thigh plates with similarly-infused padded cloth robes beneath. Any weapon B-Rank or below cannot pierce this armor because of the unparalleled craftsmanship.


Name: Ancient Design
Type: Item Enhancement
Description: The design of this armor is such that it increases the strength of the wearer by +3 tiers when worn. This is due to the increase in chakra flow throughout the body due to the chakra-enhanced materials, injecting chakra straight to the muscles instead of through the bloodstream.

Name: Ninjutsu Attunement
Type: Supplementary Enhancement
Description: This suit of ancient armor boosts the user's natural talent in Ninjutsu, causing all jutsu used to be increased by + 1 rank of damage to all Ninjutsu when the armor is worn.
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Okami [Locker]
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