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 Before the Mast (LB) - an original, historical pirate RPG

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PostSubject: Before the Mast (LB) - an original, historical pirate RPG   Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:34 am

A story-focused writing community, where each actively writing character can make a difference and an impact on the plot. We aren't the usual sand-box RPG, nor a narrative-driven one, but writing collaboratively on a coherent story, with historically accurate themes and many sideplots to go along with it!

We strongly recommend men aboard any ship for your first character, with civilians as secondary ones. Women sailors are not allowed for first characters.
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In February of 1720, peace with Spain was signed and the first week of May was spent celebrating it throughout the West Indies. Now, with all the Navies allied against a common foe - the pirates, their trade has become that much more difficult to survive.

Is a pirates life for you? Can you face the storm that's just brewing over the horizon? Are you willing to risk your life at the gallows for a doubloon and some rhum? Or will you stand up for your King and Crown? Gather now, BEFORE THE MAST, and let's see how your story entwines with history.
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Before the Mast (LB) - an original, historical pirate RPG
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