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 World Devoured - Original Post-Apocalyptic Zombie, Jcink

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PostSubject: World Devoured - Original Post-Apocalyptic Zombie, Jcink   Thu Nov 19, 2015 2:49 pm

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The year is 2019, five years since the first outbreak that spread like wildfire through America.
Humanity was being pushed to the brink of extinction.
The undead horde forced the last of mankind westward behind a hastily built wall.
The Wall, a technical marvel, now separates what has come to be called the Living City from the Wastelands beyond.
The East Coast is lost and the Midwest is being overrun.
Inside the wall, dissonance and rebellion stir between the population and the Elites that control them.

Very open and inviting, expansive Zombie RPG. We welcome all levels of players.
Enjoy the post apocalyptic wastelands as your play ground, fight the undead and form alliances.
We have several boards and member groups with site events and plots.
Welcome to World Devoured.
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World Devoured - Original Post-Apocalyptic Zombie, Jcink
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