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 Seraphine | WIP

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PostSubject: Seraphine | WIP    Seraphine | WIP  I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 19, 2015 8:09 am

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Seraphine | WIP  TfsMr21
Name: Seraphine 'Temashi' Jiyū
Age: Fifteen and Three Quaters
Birthdate: February Twenty-One
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Rank: Genin | D-Rank

Village: Kyuuten no Kuni | Amagakure No Sato
Element(s): {✓} Fuuton | {✘} Suiton | {✘} Raiton
Specialties: Ninjutsu

Special Characteristics: {✘}

Seraphine | WIP  NfT1uJl
Height: 147cm | 4.8'
Weight: 36kg | 79.3lbs
Hair Color: Pearl White
Eye Color: Sapphire Blue
General Description:
Seraphine stands at a minuscule height of 147cms, 4.8' with a dainty weight of 36kgs, 79.3lbs. Seraphine has the appearance of a much younger child due to her small size and her brevity childlike physique with very little body mass though early stages of puberty are apparent. With soft, pale white skin she is often compared to a porcelain doll. She has "finely textured" silver white hair that seems "as if sprinkled with star dust" that flows freely to frame her face. Seraphine possesses what many would call a picturesque face, her facial features perfectly aligned with the shape of her oval shaped head, her eyes, nose and mouth in harmony with one another. Soft and kind eyes glow on either side of her smallish curved nose and below sits her dainty shaped lips. Her face shows some signs of elegance, rebelliousness and naivety.

An attire that consists of a tiered white dress, fastened with a blue bow. Her dress is often described as "a white one piece with a blue ribbon". Being adventurous and free-spirited, she always goes barefoot when she can.

Seraphine | WIP  GFoVM0A

History: Street Urchin,  perhaps the best name used to describe the life of a poor child who once lived on the streets of trading village alongside her Family. Theft, scam, betrayal, cunning, words a child must learn in order to ensure their survival on on the streets. Becoming invisible to the world around them in order to earn their keep for their next meal.

This life was once one that Seraphine lived, trying to survive day to day. At a young age Seraphine parents Takahashi and Kawatsumi died after an unsuccessful mission.
After their death she was placed into the foster system and an orphanage alongside seven other children. Still young and naive to the world young Seraphine learnt first hand just how corrupt life can be for a gentle little girl. The Orphanage Owner, a dreadfully unkind man known as Meima, possessed a greed which often forced him into debt due his love of gambling, alcohol and whores. Perhaps it was for this reason his greed was often fulfilled by power of his 'Urchins' he called them. The man forced the orphanage children to live the lives of street urchins. Every Month the Orphanage would be given a hefty sum paid by the Kage and it's council in order to sustain the children under his care, a sum that barely stretched a week due to the mains willingness to spend such funds on his sinful habits rather than on the well being on the children. After some timevMeima eventually found himself in large debt to many of the underground bosses which is when he devised the plan to send his 'Urchins' out onto the streets to do his bidding. By stealing and scamming the general population of -- Meima was able to pay off his debts which eventually led to the plan becoming a permanent situation. In order to keep the children working for him the only way each child was fed was if they earned their keep. If a child failed to do so they would likely starve and be beaten simply for the amusement it gave Meima.

RP Sample:

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Seraphine | WIP
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