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 This Bar Thing Never Ends Well... [Open]

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Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: This Bar Thing Never Ends Well... [Open]   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:52 pm

Bars. Yukine truly didn't understand why she did this to herself: bars were never a good place to be for someone who was single, quite attractive, and by no means interested in anything anyone would have to offer. But, a bar was exactly where Yukine was at. Thankfully, it was only about three o'clock in the afternoon - too early for normal bar patrons, but technically quite timely for Yukine considering she had been up for nearly twenty four hours at that point - so the bar was mostly empty. Plus, the bar she had chosen was one of the less popular ones: it wasn't that there was a issue with it, it's location simply meant that it saw less civilians than the others that were better located. Less civilians meant less trouble, and less trouble meant that Yukine could have her drink in peace.

At the moment she was seated at a table off in the corner with a bowl of basic bar snacks in front of her. Her order for her drink had already been placed and the bartender was busy working on it while the kitchen staff was busy preparing the meal she had wanted with it. She had been on duty, busy doing one thing or another as she often liked to keep herself, so it had been quite a while since she had last eaten. Given she was far from stupid she had no intentions of drinking on an empty stomach and ending up sick later on in the evening for it. No, thank you.

So, as she sat there, drumming her fingers on the table quietly and waiting for her drink and food, she simply rested her chin on the palm of her hand and watched a few people walk into the bar and take seats that were likely usual for them: people who like her had been busy working and simply wanted to wind down and relax before the bars got too rowdy.

Several of the new arrivals looked her way, offering a polite nod which she returned: they were familiar faces, people whom she worked with or around normally, and who all knew that when she was off duty she kept the formality at bay. Less formality meant less people noticing her and then bothering her after all.

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This Bar Thing Never Ends Well... [Open]
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