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 Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible

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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

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PostSubject: Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible   Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:17 am

Come all you who value your might; test your strength against the marvels of the Hangakure military! From deep within the Research and Development Bureau march fantastical new mechanisations at the cutting edge of military technology. The Commander General has issued a call to all warriors, both ninja and soldier, to challenge these new inventions; both to see how well they function in a fight, and to prove to the whole just who is the strongest of them all.

Machines of all types and power are available to fight, from the smallest turret drone to massive land tanks capable of firing blasts of energy stronger than most Ninjutsu; a special arena has been constructed within the Land of Cherry Blossoms specifically for you to battle within. Journey to the Crucible Arena, and test your might.

All are welcome, from all regions. So long as you're not in the Hanagakure Bingo Book, you are free to challenge as often as you like. There are no restrictions on traveling to this place, and you don't need to travel to the village of Hanagakure in order to reach the Crucible Arena.

You will be matched with a machine that most closely matches your overall power; and this matching will determine what you are able to fight.



Prime Servitor:


What type of machine you can face is determined by your ranking. You will only be able to face an enemy that you have a hope of defeating, as the point of this competition isn't needless slaughter. As such, the match ups will follow the following ranking system:

Shanks: All Ranks
Servitors: All Ranks
Prime Servitor: B-S Rank
Walker: A-S Rank

Now, this being said, you are allowed to enter a fight with a machine above your rank so long as you are part of a group with at least one member of the appropriate ranking; same as any other mission or event mission. In any thread, machines of a lower rank than what you fighting may appear. In the case of fights versus walkers, it is guaranteed that this will occur, as part of the power of the Walker is that it carries several squads of shanks within it's body. The details of each boss is explained below.


Rank: D
Stats: STR: E  SPD: D3 END: D1 REA: D1
Abilities: Chakra turret. Able to float at heights of up to 5 meters. Each shot from the chakra turret deals damage equivalent to a senbon. Fires 15 shot per post.


Rank: C
Stats: STR: C0 SPD: D3 END B3 REA: C2
Abilities: Heavily armored. Able to fire massive, compressed ball of chakra from hidden chakra canon. Float at a stable height of 1 meter, able to lift to 3 meters for short periods of time. Each blast deals C-Rank crush and burn damage. Able to fire 3 blasts per post.

Prime Servitor

Rank: B
Stats: STR: B0 SPD: C3 END: S0 REA: A2
Ability: Heavily armored. Able to fire massive, compressed ball of chakra from hidden chakra canon. Able to summon shanks and lower servitors to aid in battle. Able to float at heights of up to 5 meters for long periods of time. Each blast deals A-Rank crush and burn damage. Direct impacts cause 1 post of stun. Able to fire three blasts per post.


Rank: S
Stats: STR: S3 SPD: A2 END: S2 REA: A1
Abilities: Massively thick armor. Able to fire extremely accurate balls of chakra from large turrets on it's back and under the dome-shaped head. Large canon on back fires a beam of energy that, while slow to charge, moves at blinding speeds and causes devastating damage on impact. Contains entire squads of shanks within it's body, and is able to summon any and all lower ranked machines to aide in battle.

Small turret: Each projectile deals D-rank damage. Fires at a rate of 15 shot per post.
Medium turret: Each projectile deals B-rank damage. Fires at a rate of 8 shot per post.
Large turret: Each projectile deals A-rank damage. Fires at a rate of 5 shot per pot.
Cannon: One shot per post. Deals S-rank crush, pierce, and burn damage.
Shanks: Carries 64 shanks within body. Able to deploy up to 8 per post.
Servitors: Able to summon up to 3 per post. Able to summon ONE (1) Prime Servitor every 5 posts, starting from the second post.

Walkers will be played using a specially created account by whatever staff member, or approved player, is available at the time; due to the complex nature of their abilities. If you want to be able to play as a Walker, please contact Admin Karu for more details.

In order to start a battle thread, you must post in the appropriate area using the following template:

Specs and Elements: (include ranks)
Members of Your Group: (Put Solo if Solo)
[b]Specs and Elements:[/b] (include ranks)
[b]Members of Your Group:[/b] (Put Solo if Solo)

You will accumulate event points using the following system:

1000 words = 1 EP
10 shanks defeated = 1 EP
1 servitor = 3 EP
1 prime servitor = 5 EP
1 Walker = 7 EP

EP will be awarded even if you end up loosing your fight, so long as you meet the requirements for gaining them. All challenge threads save for Prime Servitor and Walker challenges are considered No Kill Threads; unless otherwise stated by the admin that confirms the challenge. All Walker and Prime Servitor challenges are Death Enabled threads.


5 EP: 500 ryo
10 EP: 1500 ryo
15 EP: 5 stat points || 1 rank up (spec/element) up to S-rank
25 EP: 10 stat points || 1 rank up (spec/element/rank) up to S-rank
35 EP: 15 stat points || 2 rank up (spec/element/rank) up to SS-rank
50 EP: Mystery Prize


Missions: D - 10 || C - 11 || B - 6 || A - 3 || S - 1 || SS -  
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Jounin (S-Rank)
Jounin (S-Rank)

Posts : 682
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PostSubject: Re: Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible   Mon Nov 16, 2015 4:16 pm

Because of the nature of these challenges, a special new group type has been created specifically for use in this event. Classified as Fireteam, these groups are comprised of up to 6 players at a time, depending on the room, and you may only be apart of a single fireteam at a time. Only one fireteam will be allowed in a room at a time, and only one fireteam is allowed per challenge. If ever member of your fireteam is rendered unable to continue, the challenge is considered a fail.

Each challenge will take place in one of four 'rooms', each of various sizes and complexity. They are designed to be both a challenge and an ally for both challenger and machine; as they are catered to serve the purposes of both equally well. In essence, they are neutral territory, providing each with the same help and detriments.

Depending on the rank and nature of the challenge you select, you will be assigned one of the four rooms. Each boss type has a room specifically dedicated to it, however a boss of a lower rank than what is assigned to each room may appear within it at any time.

Room 1

Rank: D-B
Main Boss: Shank, Servitor, Prime Servitor
Fireteam: 1-3 members

Room 2
Rank: D-A
Main Boss: Servitor, Prime Servitor
Fireteam: 1-3 members
-image here-

Room 3
Rank: B-S
Main Boss: Walker
Fireteam: 1-6 members
-image here-

Room 4
Rank: ???
Main Boss: ???
Fireteam: 3-6 members
Details of this room are unknown. Once a challenge to this room is confirmed, participants within the Fireteam will be given the relevant information as they are being briefed before challenge start.

For the purposes of this event, a special type of group has been created. This group system is called Fireteam, and is comprised of one to six members, depending on the challenge room in question. These Fireteams function the same as any normal player group, however they can be comprised of members from any and all villages and regions, and are often randomized, depending on the nature of the challenge being undertaken. Members of each Fireteam are given two very specific pieces of gear which must be used in the challenges; a special cloth armor that is worn under their normal clothing and armor, and a prototype communication drone codenamed GHOST.

Codename GHOST:



Missions: D - 10 || C - 11 || B - 6 || A - 3 || S - 1 || SS -  
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PostSubject: Re: Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible   Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:56 pm

Sign up to compete the in the event is handled here. As such, you need to fill out a special sheet so that staff is able to process the entry accordingly, and assign you to the proper room, or fireteam, as appropriate.

Specializations and Elements:
Link to Locker:
Link to Jutsu:
Challenge Room:
Fireteam: (Yes or No. If Yes, Randomized, or Pre-Made. If Pre-Made, include names of all members.)
[b]Specializations and Elements:[/b]
[b]Link to Locker:[/b]
[b]Link to Jutsu:[/b]
[b]Challenge Room:[/b]

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Jounin (A-Rank)
Jounin (A-Rank)

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PostSubject: Re: Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible   Wed Dec 09, 2015 11:39 am

Name: Okami
Rank: Jounin (A)
Specializations and Elements: Katon, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu
Link to Locker: Locker
Link to Jutsu: Jutsu
Challenge Room: 3
Fireteam: Yes, Random?
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PostSubject: Re: Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible   

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Global Event: The Hanagakure Crucible
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