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 Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]

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Missing Nin (A-Rank)
Missing Nin (A-Rank)

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Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Empty
PostSubject: Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]    Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2015 4:52 pm

Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Gekkoapp


Name: Toru, Gekkō
Real Name: Kaginawa, Sojirou
Age: 38
Birthdate: October 31
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Rank: A-rank
Old Rank: Jounin

Village: N/A
Old Village: Hinowagakure no Sato

  • Medical Ninjutsu
  • Fuuinjutsu

Special Characteristics:



Height: 5'6
Old Height: 5'3
Weight: 160 lbs
Old Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Old Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Old Eye Color: Light Blue

General Description:

Gekko's tattoos:

Gekko's old appearance:

About You!



Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Child_10
The boy named Kaginawa, Sojirou was born in a loving family to a shinobi mother and father. They were sweet parents to him, attempting to give him the best childhood that they could. Both parents and child were devoted and kind to one another, and Sojirou’s childhood was perfect for his early years. His parents gave him everything they could, even a younger sister when he was three, and it was one of Sojirou's favorite past times to listen to his father tell stories. It was when he turned four that things seemed to go downhill. Though Sojirou would never know why, his parents decided that it would be best for them to get a divorce, and so his father left for sometime, leaving he and his younger sister with his mother for the time after.

Four years later Sojirou was entering the academy where he would learn to follow in his mother and father’s footsteps. He was dedicated to his work, and became proficient in the medical field that matched his own kindness to the world. It was when he was eight that another bout of bad luck inched its way into his life in the form of his mother being put to death by ANBU, not that he would know about what happened until much later. It was a discreet death, and he was placed with his father whom he and his sister hadn’t seen much since he was four. Not that he minded that he hadn’t seen his father, and they began their life with him without much fuss, his sister starting her time in the academy as well.

Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Gekko_14
While he was sad about his mother being gone, death was part of life and Sojirou knew this. It wasn’t something that he let affect him very much, and he continued on, continuing to be the kind individual that he had started out being as a child. When he was eleven he graduated from the academy and went on with his training as a genin, doing his best to continue on with his attempt to help all that he could. Particularly aiming to help the other shinobi ranks as a medical professional, training at the hospital.

Sojirou was fourteen when he became a Chuunin, and there wasn’t much of a life change aside from the rank. He did missions, worked at the hospital, and continued to work on his own abilities. It was when he was sixteen that things changed. His father began to get ill rather quickly because of a bone disease that had been wearing him down. As a medical shinobi, Sojirou tossed all of his efforts into researching with bones. In the end, his research failed as his father had been too far gone, but he did keep up his efforts in researching the bones. In fact, he even developed a few jutsu for himself during this time.

Again without a parent, Sojirou and his sister who had also graduated the academy, and was making her own progress as a shinobi, was now living with his father’s mother and father as his mother’s family had all but disappeared. Thus, this is where he lived until he was able to go out and get his own place when he was eighteen. Though, his grandparents die just a year after  he’s left to see the world out on his own. Sojirou becomes a Jounin at the age of seventeen and now he’s working as a professional in the medical core.  At the age of 20 he then becomes a member of the ANBU as well, because ANBU need medical shinobi as well, even if they don’t specialize in much else.

Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Gekko_13
It’s while he’s working at the hospital that he meets a man named Sagi, and this man is destined to receive all the love in his heart. He falls head over heels for him, and although Sojirou doesn’t notice, the man slowly begins to corrupt him, encouraging him to experiment in ways that he hadn’t thought about, even taking him out of the village and to a secret lab to do so. It was something that Sojirou didn’t think of out of the ordinary until it was too late.

The pair became extremely close, and even began to raise two children together named Hone and Zeisei. For all intents and purposes, although not married, the four were a happy family, the children dedicated to their strange parents that sometimes experimented on them. However, a few years after Sojirou had met Sagi, at the age of twenty-six, Sojirou’s ANBU group gets a target. Unknowing that this target was Sagi, he goes with them, only realizing when they arrive at the temple that they had been using as a lab in the basement. Sojirou was helpless to stop what happened next, trapped between his duty and loyalty and his love for the man they had been sent to kill.

Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]  Gekkoa14
In the end, both his team and Sagi end up killing eachother even with his attempts to save them all. The fight was a bloodbath, and the only survivor was himself though he too almost was dead. He would have been had he not taken off his mask and Sagi had stopped. Heartbroken, and confused, Sojirou dealt with the bodies of his team, one of which turned out to be his own sister, but he couldn’t destroy Sagi’s body in that manner because he hadn't had the same duties of the ANBU, so he kept it in an effort to have a body to keep their experiments going. It was what Sagi would have wanted him to do. Then he decided it would be best to disappear with the children who had witnessed the horrors.

Leaving that place, securing the lab so that no one but himself would be able to get into it when he returned, Sojirou and the children leave to wander. They needed time after what had happened. It takes them a couple years to return, but when they do Sojirou is no longer Sojirou, but  a man named Gekko that had altered his own appearance fairly severely with his proficiency in medical ninjutsu.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: All art by Re° on Zerochan, save for the childhood image, which is a child Prussia I believe.
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Toru, Gekkō [ WIP ]
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