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 Welcome Back! {Open NK}

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Welcome Back! {Open NK} Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Back! {Open NK}   Welcome Back! {Open NK} I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 11:37 pm

The sunset was always something Nasin enjoyed. It was when the bright hues of red and yellow blended creating a serene portrait. No matter when he went the settling in for the night always seemed to catch his attention. Taking a small breath Nasin was reminded where he was. Within the confines of the city Yokuchigakure. A place where the rich live lavishly and the poor live as vermin only fulfilling their most basic desires. Sleeping, eating and having sex. Turning right into an alleyway Nasin lightly smiled as he saw that the only thing that has changed all these years is the trash bins and the rats. Walking further into the dark alley nostrils filled with a sweet scent of flowers and sweat. Turning left he faced a wooden door.

Hesitant Nasin opened the door a fat old woman sat across from him. The woman held a long black smoke pipe. She stared at Nasin as she inhaled the tobacco from the pipe in a calm steady manner. Her left eyebrow rose as she exhaled while speaking, "So the bastard child returns" the smoke went into every direction. Smiling the head mistress of the brothel reached under the desk at which she sat. She gently took out a key and placed on top of the wooden desk. Nasin instinctively went to get the key. Nasin noticed the room number was the same. Look back up at the mistress Nasin spoke, "I would like renew our deal." The mistress waved her hand which held the pipe dismissively, "I know stupid boy. That is I gave you the key!" Laughing Nasin shook his head feeling embarrassed that she managed to still get him like that. Walking up the stairs he heard the mistress talking to one of the girls, "My boy has come home." she stated matter a factly.

Nasin rushed to his room as he felt the changing beginning. Opening the door to his room on the top floor he nothing was moved. Everything was left as it was when he left. It even seemed like someone dusted the room just for his return. Which was absurd since Nasin never stated where he was going or when he was coming back. Nasin then assumed that the mistresses order one the girls to clean it until his return. He may not have liked living in the slums, but it warm his heart that someone thought of him. Nasin then noticed the change in his body. Charcoal black skin with skeleton patterns appearing in bright vivid white. The price he paid for failure.
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Welcome Back! {Open NK}
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